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How your blog articles can turn readers into customers?



How your blog articles can turn readers into customers?

Does your blog articles have the power to turn readers into customers?

According to WordPress, 76.9 million new articles are published every month. This is not only a lot of competition but also a great opportunity to create articles that convert readers into buyers.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about creating content for a blog that is truly capable of selling.

And we will start by considering what kind of proposals can be put forward in the content on your blog:

  • Consuming even more content. Make a clear call to action (CTA) that encourages you to read another blog article, watch a webinar or video on YouTube. The purpose of this proposal is to increase the common ground with your brand.
  • Lead magnet – an offer to download some amazing product for free in exchange for an email address. The goal is to generate relevant leads.
  • Flash promotions – the offer of highly discounted (more than 50%) goods or services. The goal is to attract and activate potential customers who have been reading your blog for some time but haven’t bought anything from you yet.
  • The offer of goods with a high cost (from $ 1,000). The aim is to inform about the offer, not direct sales.
  • Offer a paid subscription to exclusive content. If a blog article is related to a product or content that can be accessed on a monthly basis, consider using CTA to invite you to a page that contains additional information on this topic. There are two goals. For those who are not paid subscribers, the goal is to inform about exclusive content that they can access. In the case of existing paid subscribers, the goal is to increase their satisfaction and consumption of exclusive content.

Key Factor in High Conversion Articles

What will be the click-through rate of your call to action depends on the relevance of your proposal. The higher the relevance between content and offer, the greater the clickthrough rate.

Of course, having at least some CTA is better than nothing. If you do not have a proposal that is 100% in harmony with the topic of the article, use what you have.

6 steps to write highly conversational content

Let’s talk about a mechanism for writing blog articles that help convert visitors to buyers.

When creating content, keep these two things in mind:

  • Relevance of the content to the potential commercial offer.
  • Content consumption (after all, if people don’t consume your content, they will never click on your CTA).

So let’s get started!

Step 1: start from the end

If you want your articles to have a high conversion, you need to decide what will be the conversion for this or that article. Do you want the reader to:

  • Consume even more content?
  • Pecked at the lead magnet (giving you your contact information and becoming a leader)?
  • Bought a cheap product (became a customer)?
  • Acquainted with expensive goods?
  • Got acquainted with the terms of paid access to exclusive content (if it is not a subscriber yet) or take advantage of a paid subscription (if it is already a subscriber)?
  • Other (we assume that you can focus on different behavior of visitors and customers).

The first step in creating content for your blog that helps you sell is to get a clear idea of ​​what your call to action should be.

Therefore, write down your CTA to begin with.

Now let’s move on.How your blog articles can turn readers into customers?

Step 2: decide on the subject of the article

Now that you know what actions you want to achieve from readers, it’s time to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I need to make readers believe so that they click on a call to action?
  • What do they need to understand / study / find out in order for them to convert successfully?
  • What obstacles do they have to overcome on the path to conversion?
  • What their objections should be eliminated so that they are converted?
  • What thoughts, anxieties and needs can they have before they accept my offer?
  • What is the main problem my potential customers are facing?

For example, you are a fitness trainer who specializes in preparing for the race for the marathon, and your CTA in the article looks like this: “Download the free training guide for the marathon.”

Thus, you can decide what your potential customers are:

  • They need confirmation that they are able to run a marathon. An example of the topic of the article: “How to run your first marathon, even if you have not run a single kilometer in your life?”
  • They think that they will not be able to run the marathon due to the lack of time for training. Example topic: “How only 5 hours per week trains 3 professional marathon runners”
  • They are looking for equipment needed to prepare for the marathon. An example of the topic of the article: “Checklist of equipment for marathon runners”.

See how it works? Now do you understand how knowing your CTA can answer all these questions? And do you understand how the answers to the above questions will help you write an article for a blog that will be relevant to your CTA?

Move on.

Step 3: determine the type of article

Based on the topic, decide what type of article you will use. Yes, you didn’t think so! Decide on the type of article. The fact is that there are hundreds of ways to design your article. Here are just a few of them.

Type 1: List

An article in the form of a list is one of the easiest to create and very versatile. Not to mention that people just love lists.

Here are sample headings for such articles:

  • Top 100 most exciting wedding photos.
  • 12 homemade fashion accessories that will make your friends turn green with envy.
  • 10 ways to save $ 1,000 in 30 days or less.

Type 2: how to do it?

What you are reading right now is an example of an article such as “how to do it.” For many of you, this type of article will be most appropriate for revealing the selected topic.

Information in such articles should be issued in stages, step by step. Start by making a plan for the article, then write down each item in detail.

Here are some examples of such articles:

  • How to grow red juicy tomatoes in the winter?
  • 5 steps in teaching your child to read.
  • How can email from Google save you 8 hours a week?

Type 3: content aggregator

Why create completely new content when you can aggregate it?

A content aggregator is a type of list article that uses other people’s content. Find the most social viral content on a given topic and combine it into one article.

Here are some examples of headings for such articles:

  • 25 guacamole sauce recipes to spice up your dinner.
  • 5 easy and fashionable hairstyles for autumn.
  • 10 exercises that will add speed to your punch in tennis.

Type 4: crowdsourcing

In this type of article, the authority of any experts and other influential persons is used. Just ask three or more experts with the same question and submit their answers in one article.

Here are some examples of headings for such articles:

  • Opinion of 10 professional bodybuilders about the best exercise for biceps.
  • 5 morning rituals from Fortune 500 CEOs.
  • How 12 professional sales people spend 15 minutes before a cold call.

Type 5: Embeddable Content

This is the fastest way to create great content. Take a YouTube video, presentation in a slide show mode or infographics (it is better if this content is already popular), embed it in your blog post, describe your reaction below. Done!

The title of this post is usually the changed name of the content you embed.

Step 4: editing to improve content consumption

So, it’s time to talk about the second (and, perhaps, more important) aspect of your article: content consumption. Yes, you are absolutely right: there is no such word in Russian. But it should be introduced. After all, the more barriers you put before your reader, the less clicks your CTA will receive. But let’s get it in order.


It is impossible to overestimate the importance of writing a good headline for your article. It should be informative, but not verbose, irresistible, but not hype.

The headline is a kind of promise. And this promise should be fulfilled by you in the text of the article. A headline is a kind of unofficial contract made with your audience. Do not break it.

The easiest way to learn how to write good headers is to use the header swipe file. Such a file should contain header formulas, the effectiveness of which has been tested for decades.

But don’t just copy these headings verbatim. Instead, pour yourself a cup of coffee and read them several times. Try to understand why this or that heading works so well.

After that, you can create your own headers, which are variations of the formulas in your swipe file.

If you have a solid headline, then the next thing you need to pay attention to is …


If the headline catches the attention of readers, they will read the first line of the article. What will they discover? Awesomely huge piece of text filled with long, incomprehensible words? We hope not.

Your task, as the author of the article, is to take the body, which is at rest, and set it in motion (for example, make it scroll down the page). Once the body is in motion, it will be easier for you to maintain it in motion.

Therefore, the first few sentences are critical.

The task of the first sentence is to arouse interest in reading the second sentence. The task of the second sentence is to make the third read. Etc.

The first sentence should be:

  • short
  • punchy
  • and curious.

The combination of these three elements will cause your reader to remain “in motion”. Such introductions are easy to read, arouse curiosity and anticipation of the reader.

Once you have finished writing the article, go back to the introduction and make sure it is as slippery as possible. Only in this case will your conversion increase.


When you abruptly move from one idea to the next, you kind of raise the stop sign in front of the reader. And the stop sign is bad. Make conversions meaningful and your text usage will increase. Well, high consumption = high conversion.

But there is another way to keep the reader scrolling through the page.


To format text, use:

  • Bullet points (which we just did)
  • Numbered Lists
  • Spaces between paragraphs (the text should not contain many paragraphs with more than three sentences)
  • Quotes in quotation marks.

Imagine your reader as a cyclist at the top of a mountain bike trail. Well, your article – this is a mountain trail with its peaks and troughs. Use formatting to make this trip easier.

Step 5: use the article teaser

Your reader may come to your site from the following sources:

  • Social networks
  • Email Newsletter
  • Search results page.

Remember that your goal is conversion through greater consumption of content.

One of the best ways to stimulate a visitor to read your article is to demonstrate its teaser directly on the resource, which is the source of traffic.

And last but not least …

Step 6: post in article 2 type CTA.

Use both text links and banners as call-to-action links to your blog posts. Is your reader used to clicking on text links? Provide them. But do not forget to attract attention with the banner.

You can use a tool like Canva to create great banners without being a professional graphic designer.

Yes, and one more thing. Be sure to place the button on your banner. People are used to pushing buttons.

As an alternative to creating graphic banners, you can simply use the HTML block that will attract attention.

So, now you have everything you need to write articles for a blog that sell.

Start turning visitors into buyers today.

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The Nun Figure Sixth Scale by Quantum Mechanix




The nun figure sixth scale by quantum mechanix

Hey, welcome everybody! Today I’m going to take a look at the Sixth Scale Nun Figure of the Condor Universe’s quantum mechanics. The outside of our box art has a portrait of the nun that is extremely eerie and you have three candles on either side of her that are raised a little bit as well as the lettering and in just the right, light it’ll actually shine a little bit, her eyes will also shine.

 I like the use of the painting versus a photograph of it on the side your quantum mechanics logo and the nun on the back is a description of the conjuring universe as well as a photograph showing you the contents of the inner sleeve so what we’re gonna do is slide off the outer sleeve take a look at what our figure has and when we do it you’ll notice we have the nun on the side here and over here the figure but as we spin it around there’s a great picture of our second portrait so let’s take this out of the tray and have a better look here we are with our inner trade we have her crucifix, the little string to go around the neck our first portrait the additional hands and then there it is a scary second portrait underneath the robe is going to be the stand when you remove the figure underneath the painting as well as the marked stand.

Let’s take those out and get a better look now, here are different hands she has two open hands that come on the figure we have two very flat open palm hands now hat in all of these there’s great detail in the designs of the veins kind of going through and these are in that very white type flesh gripping hands I’ll call these we’re menacing she also has two speciality hands and these work with the painting so she can hold that and you can recreate that scene but I also call them the Fonzie hands because well I just dig the thumbs up a little crucifix and I’m going to show you the painting because that’s really neat now here is the painting that it comes with which obviously plays a big role in the movie.

This is not just on paper this is actually printed on canvas it’s quite thick and then when we turn it around see this is done like an actual painting and there’s some nice wood grain on there and as I said it’s two additional hands you use old the painting with one on there holds it very nicely and gives that very very creepy look here is our swap out the second portrait incredibly creepy the eyes seem to glow and there’s no light feature that’s just the regular light hitting these is really going to make them pop as well as you kind of see that gloss and the wet that’s in the mouth and around the teeth great vein work around the eyes this swaps out with an under peg on the head I’m gonna show you that in a second now I’ve kind of just put it up on the stand so I could show you that but then on the back you’re gonna have the wire underneath and both of the heads have this laced lattice with the two strings hanging down.

We’re gonna swap those out show a little bit of the pose-ability coming up okay now I’ve placed around the stand here and used the painting holding hands that we talked about what’s neat is you’re really able to get a nice tight Bend in there so you keep it all the way up against that canvas so you can do your secret reveals the habit goes back tight over and does as I said have the little wire and that’s going to allow you to pose it and get some movement in it if you’re doing kind of a running or creepy style stance particularly this scene in the film alright and the laughs good and scary and you see on there again the nice dark grey the brightness of the eyes that wire runs all the way down the front.

So, depending on how you want to fuss with it okay to give it the look that you want for the character as I said you’re gonna have the double bent arms it’s nice and the bright bright bright colours with the very deep black and a very bright white okay there is it’s a leather-like quality to it really neat tight stitching down on the side done into that wrap and the little brass buckle over traditional outer robe and the under robe.

I think is really neat so like I said when you show it there can you see that lacing than the two strands going down and under and it opens up a little bit that you can see that white skin underneath definitely gives that a very very creepy look so what we’re gonna do now is swap out the heads and we’ll talk a little bit about that all right okay.

Now, we’re gonna do our head swap it’s gonna disconnect right here at the base hold tight there and then gently lift up ain’t gonna move that one off to the side what you have it’s not really the standard round peg but more of a cylindrical one here’s our other head and you’ll see in there that you’ve got the same kind now once we have the head off like this is when you’re gonna add the crucifix okay don’t put this on when you’ve got the other it’s just the possibility of stretching out the fabric I’m gonna drop that down push on heads down there lay that right across like so and then you’ll use that wire and there is your swap out credibly creepy scary portrait pull that back a little further and they get that kind of screaming scary look you’ve got a nice range of motion as far as the neck because of the fabric make sure to kind of move it slowly you don’t want to bunch that up.

I already showed the arm but we’re gonna show it again that you do get a full Bend there forward motion can go all the way up now there is definitely the Fonzie look complete out to the side and then up and over the head as well nice part is the robe is nice and long if you’re even going to do ones like that that you get a little lift and you’re gonna cover those seams and that’s always something we like to see now.

Let’s take a look at the waist as well as leg joints waist area here I’ll lift the arm so we can show it we’ve got a good side Bend a decent torso twist okay there’s a little bit of padding on the undersuit to give it a little bit more of the shape legs can raise to 90 degrees and double-jointed on the knee and it’s hard to see here we’ll move those out of the side and there we are her intense shoes their nice flat one and that’s that ball-jointed giving us plenty of motion now it does come with the stand but I’m doing it right here on its own without the stand and not really having a problem but the nice part is because of the long robe putting it on the stand you don’t really even see that it’s being supported and so it’s just a nice little extra thing to have there.

I think where a lot of the motion of the figure and a lot of the posing of the figure is going to come from those wires that wraparound the veil to really give it a lot of action a lot of movement and definitely the creep factor so there we have it the nun from quantum mechanics from the Contra both of our portraits are painted portrait crucifix six additional hands and her base it’s incredible sculpt for something this scary if you want to add to your horror collection or just happen to be a fan of the conjuring movies this is a great one to add.

So, I would like to say thank you very much for reading my post. Thank you very much and good luck!

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Banknotes of the present generation in New Zealand




Banknotes of the present generation in new zealand

Today we’re going to take a look at the current coins of New Zealand, so if you’re not too familiar with New Zealand, it’s actually part of the cities of Australia and if your New Zealand, you might if you actually meant Judy, but in Australia, this is just pretty much Australian, even though they have their own constitutional currency government and accent, but they’re always pretty much

I can’t actually tell it’s a dollar except it’s got five dollars up there and it has that Union place actually has four of those it’s the first thing I’ve actually seen but and they use plastic money so here is Australia’s plastic money and here in New Zealand’s pocketing money which one is better I reckon nEW Zealand monies is better Australia seems to have a problem of producing good quality designs the only two are recognized they’ve actually done in the 2001 and 1988 banknotes to be a five and a ten-dollar banknote this one’s not too bad but New Zealandbanknotes are better so first we have five-dollar banknotes this is the lowest banknote you can actually get in like Australia’s banknotes the first two numbers represent the date so this is2015it has Sir Edmund Hillary and he actually cleared climb Mount Everestwhereas I call it the mountain of death yes this was a work of a lot of Nepalese they give me crap so I just call it that and we have Mount Cook soda largest mountain in museum.

Although I heard there’s been reduced by three meters because some that collapsed or whatever and then we have the good security feature so here we have the yellow-eyed penguin as you can see it has a metallic reflection we have some patents here quite like that beautiful patination yeah and why dis the head just integrates into the banknote it’s actually good saying this one the bank head just stands out not really that good and then we have another security feature here and most likely has you v’s

Better than of a UV lamp so we’ve got New Zealand we’ve got the silver fern which is you plant ofNew Zealand then we have the yellow-eyed penguin up there and five naturally that’s quite nice and it has sort of like traditional Maori patterns going around the banknote and also you see it has River Bank in New Zealand and hazard he married to Portilla Mattawa soI heard that if you’re one in NewZealand loans marrying at school though probably a lot of them are not proficient so have any watermarks you can’t actually have watermarks on the plastic bird they tend not to worry about it and oh look at that the fern then we have this side so here’s a yellow-eyed penguin they call a whorewhore so that’s a Maori equivalent so this is um Campbell Weiland so it all belongs to New Zealand.

We have a daisykurai phylum Becky awesome and the Reisling sorry that’s the Rose Lilythere so that’s a bonala Rosie and this is actually the dating so you can actually look at the yellow flowers so that’s actually quite nice pink night and D values if you want to buy these online you’ve probably talked been about2 to 3 times face value for any of these banknotes for five dollars probably like about three times for a 50 dollar 90probablyless than two times just because there’s value so another thing you’ll notice. let’s put them back together I don’t have the 100 because that’s a lot of money you notice that they grade and the colour separation is actually quite

clear unlike some other countries and the USA these ones actually have a good colouration so you’ve got set orange blue-greens then you have purple and because the 100I think it’s pink oh that’s a reddish colour Rudy’s colour so that is a good thing for the blind it doesn’t have any type of marks of the blind to actually feel no I don’t see any there’s a bit of damage up there that’s the way I’ve got it so he is the ten dollar banknote so this one’s also 2015 they actually haven’t issued any new dates on their banknotes that one this is Kate Shepherd and with ever white camellia so didn’t have a flower from year one no so white camellia ladies and then it’s acamellia japonica and we have a beautiful blue duck so blue duckies actually announce of like it’s in the married type pattern.

Here’s another security feature so ten he’s also on the other side so if you hold it up it should join together its pretty old that actually that wouldn’t security feature then we have the bluetick or royal and you map a New Zealand the silver fern so they all have map andNew Zealand silver fern just changed the actual bird so this would be the bird series because I all have birds on them and on the reverse we have the oil I actually saw this in an in Auckland zoo looks like a quite a beautiful bird, okay and then we have the key fern so that that’s flesh them and a pineapple scrub so pineapple scrub is drag go file them so you can actually find those easy on the internet information that’s on these then we have a fern and these are the early fronds and this is a mature leaf and we have the same around here and also just the patination is beautiful actually quite like this Banknicesushant is probably bent 15 $20

if you want to buy online everything is Ellen face fair you just go to a bank so the ever Bank 9c 2015 a hundred were issued in 2016 so that what I have 16 and this one has QueenElizabeth the second so Australia Edie’sthe five dollar bank night so NewZealand is 20 never took quite a old portrait and she has the silver fern representing New Zealand national she’swearing you’ll be at the ParliamentParliament the Parliament in Wellington the Capitol and the actual bird that you see here he’s a New Zealand Falcon or curry oh yeah I’ve butchered that Maui I’m sorry a bit sorry Maori people but I’ve never actually spoken it before look smile never spoken it before and just have any security features news it’s actually quite a nice beautiful green faint now if we look over the back so Cory oh yeah presume that’s how you pronounce it probably not though we have Meltaboo in new Qu and the Marlboro Rockdicey pakis Dickey yeah that’s the genius it actually looks quite nice see this is actually better than destroying bang

nice because look at the colour you’re having a bird and a flower the flower looks like it’s just a photo in Australian bang it’s just like one colour which is actually pretty sad so and then you have this shows a bird in flight no it doesn’t know so it’s one feature that Australia has that NewZealand doesn’t so if you turn you can see the birds in flight that would actually be good a security feature down below here so and also if you rub that and you can actually feel it so this one’s probably about thirty or four dollars if you want to buy it online and then we have the high spec not actually had the $50 a purple banknote and this one has a runner gotta the sense Japanese baby looks like some Airy to meum and the Maori meeting place is that white boy Dougie know where the head to actual treaty Waitangi mm-hmmph can’t remember so this one’s dated2016 you can actually look him up on Wikipedia it’s definitely

on there and the bird that’s on yeah he’s actually the co Cocoso if we look on the other side it looks like it’s similar to a type of crow probably not really related but then we have the blue sky mushrooms the balloons beautiful actuallyAndy poor er first pocket that’s actually they should have actually put names on these ever – as well as the bird because that would actually give people an idea what actually looking at because the most people even in years old always that place all what mushrooms that don’t know what and this is the highest bank night you actually get if you want to buy this one you probably talk about $80 on average but they’re actually pretty common so and to the person, 16 series is already used up and I should get replaced probably another five to ten years then these will actually remain pretty low value and they replace these banknotes we tell them to do another video on which actually

just as good but each has their own different features which you can probably get these in circulation still but I would say a lot of them are actually been withdrawn from circulation so I hope you like these New Zealandbanknotes are connect quite gorgeous beautiful oh where it is made as far as I know actually made in Canada so security Windows pretty similar to the Canadian ones they’re actually a lot better than the Canadian banknotes because New Canaan being is like yeah but those are the current banknotes in New Zealand

if you interested in getting some I’ll leave a link down below to eBay and so true two different listings or just go for a visit to New Zealand and you’ll be over to actually pick up some of these be national face value but a lot of them be damaged just ask someone if they got something that’s uncirculated you know let’s say thank you very much for reading.

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How to enhance Purchases via the About us page?




How to enhance purchases via the about us page?

The About Us page should tell customers about your online store, so be creative.

“About us,” not “About you.”

Some of the About Us pages are completely written in the second person. They give promises of what the organization can do for customers. “Want the best product at the best price?” We could do these for you here … ”

  • Firstly, the About Us page promises visitors to provide more information about the online store. Breaking this promise, you undermine their confidence, risk irritation and disappointment.
  • Secondly, you want to let visitors know what you can do for them, but why say it so bluntly? It sounds like you are trying to sell them something. Of course, sales are the direct goal of the online store, but should not be the goal of the About Us page. Most likely, visitors have already viewed your site and know what they need. Now they want to know who you are and whether you can be trusted.

Brand history

Tell customers the unforgettable story of your brand. Tell her honestly and convincingly. Make them laugh, worry. Initiate an emotional reaction. Tell us about the principles that you adhere to and the circumstances that you have managed to overcome.

Sample template:

  • At the top of the page, place your logo and catchy, short, catchy slogan.
  • Tell us in two or three sentences, in plain language, about your online store.
  • Tell the story of the opening of the store. Be emotional. Tell us about your principles, goals, obstacles in your path, etc.
  • Post a review from one of your satisfied customers. Choose the one that combines emotional speech and real-life examples of how your store met the needs of the customer.
  • Post an interesting video. This can be a video from a client or a speech from the store owner.
  • Tell us about your plans for the future, for this year.
  • Tie it all together. Everything that you have done in the past has led to the creation of a reliable and strong company.
  • Place contact information at the bottom of the page. Post the physical address and photo of your office.

Two ideas to get you started

  1. Tell us about how you saw a free niche in the market and occupied it. Do not play down your contribution.
  2. Tell a funny story from the everyday life of your business, a personal story, a story about a client.

Think about posting a video

Take a video that talks about your online store, your employees, the story of your brand.

The page should be easy to find.

You don’t want to spend so much time and effort creating a page that no one will see? Therefore, submit your About Us page with pride. Let the link to the About Us page be the first or second in the site navigation bar.

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