Functions Of English Language In Nigeria

[lwptoc] What are the functions of English language in Nigeria? Have you always wanted to learn a new language? you probably have your own reason for desiring to learn but there are tremendous benefits to being bilingual that you might not know about in this post, I’ll include a few of them here are some … Read more

20 Types of Figure of Speech

Figure of Speech [lwptoc] Meaning of Figure of Speech A figure of speech is an expression or word having unexpected implications in comparison to its exacting implications. It passes on significance by recognizing or contrasting one thing with another, which has undertone or importance natural to the crowd. That is the reason it is useful … Read more

Scheme of work for Junior secondary school in Nigeria

[lwptoc] Scheme of work for Junior secondary school in Nigeria Every single secondary school in Nigeria work with a scheme of work. The scheme of work is a rule that characterizes the substance and structure of scholastic subjects. The scheme of work for secondary schools in Nigeria, regardless of whether Junior or Senior secondary school, … Read more

Javier Marías – A Heart So White

One of Spain’s best writer today by drumroll please none other than Roberto bolaño my favorite authors Javier Matias is a very famous Spanish author and translator who published his first novel at 19. Javier’s father was a Spanish author and philosopher Julio Matias who was a student of Ortega y Gasset at one point … Read more

Nigeria immigration service recruitment 2019/2020

Nigeria immigration service recruitment 2019 application is online through Candidates are directed to print out the referee form which must be properly completed for submission. The Nigeria Immigration Service, also known as NIS, was cut out of the Nigeria police force in August 1958 and was committed with the responsibility of making Nigerian Immigration policies. … Read more

DPR recruitment 2019-2020 application form and How to Apply Online

DPR recruitment 2019-2020 Application Registration form guidelines are right on this page.   I will show you how job registration is done and the possible ways to ensure your application was submitted successfully. Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) has been anticipated in the country till date, We’ve received numerous requests by aspirants on various … Read more

Things Fall Apart: Summary and Analysis of Chapters 21-25

Things Fall Apart: Chapter 21 Summary Everything seems to be calm. Mr Brown, the Pacific leader of the converters and Akunna, a leader of the clan often meet and discuss religious issues in public. They can’t convince each other but each accepts and tolerates the other’s views. Besides the church, the missionaries have built a school … Read more