How to enhance Purchases via the About us page?

How to enhance purchases via the about us page?
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The About Us page should tell customers about your online store, so be creative.

“About us,” not “About you.”

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Some of the About Us pages are completely written in the second person. They give promises of what the organization can do for customers. “Want the best product at the best price?” We could do these for you here … ”

  • Firstly, the About Us page promises visitors to provide more information about the online store. Breaking this promise, you undermine their confidence, risk irritation and disappointment.
  • Secondly, you want to let visitors know what you can do for them, but why say it so bluntly? It sounds like you are trying to sell them something. Of course, sales are the direct goal of the online store, but should not be the goal of the About Us page. Most likely, visitors have already viewed your site and know what they need. Now they want to know who you are and whether you can be trusted.

Brand history

Tell customers the unforgettable story of your brand. Tell her honestly and convincingly. Make them laugh, worry. Initiate an emotional reaction. Tell us about the principles that you adhere to and the circumstances that you have managed to overcome.

Sample template:

  • At the top of the page, place your logo and catchy, short, catchy slogan.
  • Tell us in two or three sentences, in plain language, about your online store.
  • Tell the story of the opening of the store. Be emotional. Tell us about your principles, goals, obstacles in your path, etc.
  • Post a review from one of your satisfied customers. Choose the one that combines emotional speech and real-life examples of how your store met the needs of the customer.
  • Post an interesting video. This can be a video from a client or a speech from the store owner.
  • Tell us about your plans for the future, for this year.
  • Tie it all together. Everything that you have done in the past has led to the creation of a reliable and strong company.
  • Place contact information at the bottom of the page. Post the physical address and photo of your office.

Two ideas to get you started

  1. Tell us about how you saw a free niche in the market and occupied it. Do not play down your contribution.
  2. Tell a funny story from the everyday life of your business, a personal story, a story about a client.

Think about posting a video

Take a video that talks about your online store, your employees, the story of your brand.

The page should be easy to find.

You don’t want to spend so much time and effort creating a page that no one will see? Therefore, submit your About Us page with pride. Let the link to the About Us page be the first or second in the site navigation bar.

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