Interesting Benefits of Dogs


According to recent archeological evidence, our journey with dogs began about 45,000 years ago. This followed a more informal, and maybe remote, rational link with Wolves hundreds of thousands of years ago. However, we started to see the bones change about 45,000 years ago and indicate that, because a, dog certainly lives with us. And … Read more

The New Ohaneze of Ndigbo Land Emerges

Ohaneze splits new ohaneze Ndigbo emerges. A united ohaneze Ndigbo seems to have ended as new ohaneze Ndigbo emerges. A fashion of ohaneze Ndigbo and the ohaneze Ndigbo general Assembly has been registered Masi okechukwu is the president-general of ohaneze Ndigbo youth council worldwide, made a confirmation to new ohaneze Ndigbo. He displayed a certificate … Read more

So what is it about the workers in public offices?

When you attend a public school like the one I attended, you’ve got a story to share about just anything at all. One day I decided I had to get my transcript, and started preparing myself for the stress financially and emotionally. Yet you can not plan adequately for elected officials and their humiliation ship. For … Read more

Patrice Lumumba- DR Congo’s First Legally Elected Prime Minister

Patrice Lumumba- DR Congo’s First Legally Elected Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba was a Congolese politician and independence leader he served as the first Prime Minister of the independent democratic republic of the congo from June until September 1960he played a significant role in the transformation of the Congo from a colony of Belgium into an … Read more

10 Tips to Make Your Writing Sound Formal

10 Tips to Make Your Writing sound Formal [lwptoc hideItems=”1″] 1. Proper use of “such as” To have a formal writing, try not to use “like.” It’s apparently the most regularly used point of speech today for several communities, but bypass it in formal writing. Compare: Animals, like bears and tigers, are interesting. Animals, such … Read more

Top 10 African countries that have changed their names

Many African cities state towns and countries have undergone a name change for a myriad of reasons this may be done for political reasons or to remove all traces of colonial rule. Welcome to Kaweplanet on today’s countdown we will be looking at the top 10 African countries that have changed their names but before … Read more

Lagos State Scheme of Work for Primary Schools 2020

Lagos State Scheme of Work for Primary Schools COMPULSORY CORE SUBJECTS Basic science and technology Civic education Computer studies/ICT Cultural and creative art English studies Mathematics Physical and Health education Social studies ONE MAJOR NIGERIAN LANGUAGE Hausa Language Igbo Language Yoruba Language RELIGIOUS LANGUAGE   Christian religious knowledge Islamic religious knowledge   ELECTIVE SUBJECTS Agriculture … Read more

Functions Of English Language In Nigeria

[lwptoc] What are the functions of English language in Nigeria? Have you always wanted to learn a new language? you probably have your own reason for desiring to learn but there are tremendous benefits to being bilingual that you might not know about in this post, I’ll include a few of them here are some … Read more

20 Types of Figure of Speech

Figure of Speech [lwptoc] Meaning of Figure of Speech A figure of speech is an expression or word having unexpected implications in comparison to its exacting implications. It passes on significance by recognizing or contrasting one thing with another, which has undertone or importance natural to the crowd. That is the reason it is useful … Read more