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Our brain is designed so that it will always remain in a comfortable and “warm” state when something new and unknown appears in front of it .

We realized that 90% of start-up Internet businesses do not achieve what they want simply because a person puts it off for later. For tomorrow, which never comes.

Our main criterion for evaluating your own quality of work is your result. And, perhaps, this is important for you.

One of our main competencies is assistance in how to pack our knowledge, hobbies, skills, expertise into a successful Internet project. But we are moving separately from this market.

“Infobusiness” has become a dirty word for us. It has gained such a reputation in the market over the years of poor-quality development and presentation.

Unfortunately, most “information businessmen” and trainers “earn by teaching you how to“ do an information business. ”They themselves do not create or sell anything. This is

probably one of the main reasons that prompted us to go into the niche of learning the Internet We successfully sold and earned indecent amounts for the market, but when requests for help began to come more and more, we realized that this was our opportunity to do something cardinally good.