9 reasons to use video marketing in business

9 reasons to use video marketing in business
9 reasons to use video marketing in business
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According to statistics, 7 out of 10 people prefer to watch videos online rather than Text.
We live in a world where the search for solutions to problems occurs on the Internet and it is the videos that play a key role in the decision-making process.

Video marketing is a powerful way to reach both potential,
so existing customers.
Video marketing will completely change your perception

According to statistics:

90% of consumers say videos help make shopping decisions.
97% of marketers say that videos help build customer confidence.
81% of businesses use video to promote.
Live videos (streams) will account for 13% of all traffic by 2021.
By 2021, video will account for over 80 per cent of all traffic.Over 80% of all traffic will consist of video by 2021.
74% of people who have the opportunity to see a product in action through video will buy it.

What is video marketing?
Marketing is an advertising activity, the purpose of which is to inform the public about your business, its services and products.
In most cases, it is not intended for direct sales, but it allows you to inform the public about your business.

If we take social marketing as an example, then on the page on Facebook you can not only show what services your business offers, but also communicate with the audience through publications, comments and likes.
Social marketing can show what people think or say about your business or that will help the business improve the quality of its services.

Traditional marketing methods were limited to a few advertising tools, but with the advent of the Internet, everything has changed.
There are more digital marketing strategies than you can imagine, but in this article I will emphasize the importance of using video marketing to promote goods and services.

9 reasons to use video marketing in business or why your business needs video marketing

Now, without further ado, I’ll tell you about 10 good reasons for the mandatory introduction of video marketing in business.

1. The most effective way to start communication with the audience

It’s difficult to start communication with the audience when the business just started functioning.
Nobody just knows about him.
Video marketing can fix this.
Studies show that video marketing is an effective tool for transforming people from skeptics towards your business (brand) into neutral or positive ones.
It is important to understand that video marketing works best when the audience is resting, at home, then the person is relaxed and more likely to perceive video ads.

2. Video marketing helps to “humanize” a brand

Artificial intelligence is changing the idea of ​​all areas of life, but no one thinks that video marketing changes our usual order of things as much as artificial intelligence.
It is difficult to humanize a brand (business) with just one text, which is limited in its capabilities (for a brand, read the article “10 tips for developing a strong brand” in more detail).
Videos with people work wonders, they convey emotions, tell stories, make it clear to the audience what the brand is. Voice, appearance, character, personality – all this plays an important role in video marketing.
With their help, the viewer can convey any message, so it is very important to delve into the details.

3. Huge potential

Millions of people have been watching YouTube videos for hours, and now imagine how it would impact your business if everyone spent a minute watching your video. Studies show that about 90% of consumers watch videos on mobile phones before making a purchasing decision.
The world watches 1 billion hours of YouTube videos daily. Please note that the number of views on YouTube is increasing by 100% every year, and the audience is also increasing.
Brands, which several years ago chose this path of development, today profit 10 times more than the initial one. Video marketing is a revolution that breaks television.

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4. Video content improves site SEO performance

Google is the owner of YouTube, and that means a lot to marketers who use video marketing in their business. There are many different statistics on how many times a site with embedded videos gets more views, and in most cases this figure is above 50.
Search engines love video because they consider it to be high-quality content, so it is important to use it on the main pages of the site. When you have video content, you can optimize it with SEO-friendly titles and descriptions, thereby increasing the ranking of your site in search results
Thus, you can not only get a new audience with the help of video, but also increase the site ranking in search results.

5. The ideal way to increase customer confidence when very hard to convince

Have a reader using only marketing text. Using videos, it’s easy to build trusting and long-term relationships with your audience.
To get started, just tell the audience the story of the brand lasting up to 60 seconds.
The video will cause a quick emotional response from the audience.
Thanks to the emotions that evoke the video, millions of YouTube channels continue to live and develop.

6. The best way to attract the attention of lazy customers

Today, people do not have time to scroll through long advertising posts. There are a lot of such people. Increasingly, people are giving preference to visualized content that immediately tells in full detail about a product or service. That is why a business that uses the creation of effective video clips and video marketing in its promotion successfully captures the attention of customers.
Important! Global companies such as Google, Apple, BMW, Porcshe and others are investing a lot of money in developing video clips to advertise their products and services.

7. The best way to beat your competition

Many brands still do not use video marketing because they believe that it is too expensive and that it does not pay off.
This is their huge mistake. While competitors are “sleeping”, do not lose your opportunities. Creating a video will make you more advanced and successful in the eyes of customers. With it, you can show the inner kitchen of your business, and in return gain trust.
With video marketing, making customers trust is easier than with context.

8. Coverage of different market segments

Market segmentation is an important component of any promotion without analysis of which, success is impossible. According to statistics, some age groups prefer Instagram, others prefer Facebook, and others prefer YouTube. Since video can be hosted on any of these three social networks, the video can engage a much larger audience than you planned.
By and large, the video attracts everyone.

9. High chances of becoming viral content

Studies show that people share videos more often than textual content, and this, in turn, automatically increases coverage. Under any video that is posted on the site, you can create buttons with which the audience can share the video. Who knows, maybe your video will become viral on the Internet.

9 tips for high-quality video creation

The video must be shot in high resolution.
Full HD (Full High Definition) – resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels (pixels) and a frame rate of at least 24 / sec.
This is a very important point because high resolution makes your business more professional in the eyes of the client.
Videos telling powerful stories about a brand or product should not go beyond 60 seconds.
Marketing videos should be concise and accurate.
Do not tell viewers unnecessary long stories, most likely they will turn off the video.
The video should be informative, entertaining and engaging.
Watch an example of a super engaging video here.
Always strive to evoke emotions in the viewer.
The fulfilment of the target action is always based on emotions, the more people get emotions through your video, the greater the chance that he will make the target action.
Sound quality should always be at the highest level since it has a tremendous impact on the people who watch the video.
If the sound quality is low, most likely, a person will turn off the video in the first 10 seconds.
Leave a call to action at the end of each video (CTA).
This will help increase sales through video.
Ideal video length depending on the social network:
– Instagram – 30 seconds
– Twitter – 45 seconds
– Facebook – 1 minute
– YouTube – 2 minutes
And don’t forget about the call to action, which on YouTube usually consists of a small annotation inviting users to subscribe to the channel.

Video is one of the Internet’s most common content types. Each of us wants to see and hear, we do not want to perceive the text.
This is what makes the video so popular.

A video clip is not only fun, it is one of the best ways to approach the audience and give it a real idea of ​​what you, your business or your customers are doing.
The main thing is to consider video not only as a format where you can talk about your product and its advantages but also as a format where you need to share your philosophy with an audience, interesting and valuable information.
The more the audience knows about your practical experience, the greater the likelihood of a key action.

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