5 brilliant sales secrets that everyone knows about (but nobody uses)

5 brilliant sales secrets that everyone knows about (but nobody uses)
5 brilliant sales secrets that everyone knows about (but nobody uses)
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I do not know a single entrepreneur who would not want to know any ingenious (and preferably simple) sales secret. They read books, articles, tips in batches, go to training, master classes, conferences …

This is the right tactic, and it really helps to pump sales skills. But there are secrets that all this time lies under their “noses”. You, most likely, also know them … but do not apply. Want to fix it today?

Then we will not linger anymore and get down to business …

1. Make warm calls

Your first contact with a potential customer should not be cold. I suspect many entrepreneurs now disagree with me.

They say: “Cold calls continue to work well. I do it myself . ” I will not dispute this position. But I am convinced: before you sell something, you need to “warm up” relations with a potential client (leader). Agree, it’s easier to buy from a friend (albeit in absentia) than from a completely unauthorized seller who calls you while you are at work, in the store or in the shower.

And no matter what they say that “ you just need to be able to use cold calls , ” my advice is to get to know a potential client before calling him for the first time or sending an email with a purchase offer .

How to do it? I think if you are not the first to read our blog, then you already know how. But just in case, I will voice several options:

Communicate with your audience on social networks : publish valuable content, share knowledge, give us a reason to have fun and chat. Answer questions and comments, interact with people.
Use email marketing to build a more “personal relationship” with each potential customer.
Conduct a webinar on a topic relevant to your audience. Such a live chat breaks down barriers and helps to establish warm relationships with participants.
Naturally, this list is not complete . You can come up with (or peek) a ton of other ways to get to know each other.

Here, for example, is one of Olesya’s letters. This series of messages leads a person to purchase copywriting training. Before making an offer, we provide a lot of useful content with practical experience just like that, absolutely free. Does it work now? And how!

warming letter example

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5 brilliant sales secrets that everyone knows about (but nobody uses)

2. Become a leader in your niche

Imagine you are choosing a new phone. What do you prefer: models from a famous manufacturer or a mobile of unknown origin? I think the answer is obvious. Even if an unfamiliar company offers a similar model cheaper / more functional / more beautiful, you are unlikely to take risks.

The same principle works in all sectors. Therefore, to succeed in sales, you need a name. Having established yourself as an expert and a leader in a niche, you will gain the trust of a potential client even before you first communicate with him. Agree, this gives a huge advantage and seriously increases your chances of success in sales.

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How to become a leader? Perhaps I will not now detail the answer to this question. We have already talked about this.

Therefore, we dwell only on a couple of points:

Show your usefulness to the client in all possible ways (create valuable content, help the audience solve problems or achieve goals).
Build a powerful brand .
Collect social evidence (reviews, cases, publications in the media).

3. Be a reliable support

You can do more than just sell if you want sales to go well. Become the person for your customers to whom they will go with questions even after the sale is closed. Change your status in their eyes from the ordinary seller of a product, product or service to a provider of solutions to their problems. Finally, in order to solve a problem or satisfy a desire, we make every purchase. Help your customers reach the goal.

And even after the sale, give them support:

send useful materials that will help you get more benefits from using the purchase;
call to inquire whether the client is satisfied with everything, whether he has difficulties;
if difficulties arose, do everything possible to eliminate them …
There are plenty of options to care. The main thing is to use them. If you become a reliable source of help for your clients, they will thank you many times in return.

This is the record I found after our series of free expert webinars. You must admit that such words are worth caring for those who trust us.

be a reliable support

4. Use sales scripts … wisely

Scripts are the most controversial thing in the world of sales. Someone strongly recommends using them and promises a drop in sales below zero if you do not implement scripts today.Some, take a blow in the throat, and give up once and for all. Like, customers immediately feel that they are talking to them in a pattern, and leave the conversation.

I agree that a script conversation kills a sale. When the seller says the memorized text, it is immediately audible. And the desire to communicate with him disappears completely. But! I am convinced that talking with a client without preparation is no less a terrible crime against sales. Agree, you will not enjoy communicating with the seller , constantly saying ” uh “, ” nuuu “, lost from your remarks and generally ready to faint if you ask at least something else.

Therefore, my advice is to prepare a script for the conversation . Especially for newcomers to sales. However, this should not be a hard script, but rather a cheat sheet . Such a move will help:

Do not miss the thread of the conversation;
Do not forget about the key points;
work out the main objections of the client.

5. Do not sell

I know what you just thought: “ That’s the news. They talked, talked about sales, and what did they come to? “. We have not actually stepped away from the sales issue. I’ll explain now.

So, you got a potential customer. Only 1 step separates you from the sale. You are already looking forward to a successfully closed transaction, but … It turns out that the client is not ready, wants to think, he has no money … there are 1000 reasons that prevent the purchase. Is that familiar?

Getting a lead is not yet a success. And here you need to work hard to convert it into a client. Therefore, I recommend concentrating not on the desire to sell, but on building relationships . Immediately starting with the sale, you run the risk of scaring away the person. But having built a trusting relationship, you can bring him to a purchase easily and naturally.

Do you agree that all of these strategies have already been familiar to you? Maybe you did not read about them, but intuitively felt that it was so right. And now, when I convinced you that intuition has not failed, you can safely introduce them 🙂 I am sure the results will convince you even more.

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