The Stinger vs. The Prankee

A young girl went to the ATM in the evening to withdraw some money. She encountered another guy on getting there, who wanted to withdraw money too. They were there alone, just the both of them. She found that the guy kept looking at her as she was carrying out her own transaction.

The stinger vs. the prankee
The stinger vs. the prankee

The girl pretended not to notice the guy’s eyes on her as predicted and continued her transaction. And then she heard all of a sudden, give me your cell! What sort of heck? The girl was screaming with terror. The guy then had started to laugh. I mean intense, stomach twisting laughter o.

The girl was puzzled. What was so funny? Was this part of a joke or something? Who is it that does this? When the guy eventually spoke up, he said, this is how these little boys do and collect phones from people o, I’m sorry I was kidding. My name is Saul Bishop, what’s yours?

Sometimes pranks are really cool, but it loses touch when the pranker is unfamiliar with its limits and the prankee is not psychologically strong enough. Most people aren’t conscious of it, let alone accept boundaries. Stick to simple jokes please, unless you have developed a pranking relationship with somebody. Occasionally, you may not see things the same way the other person sees things.

Davido Prank!

The actors arrived at Davido’s house to inform him that they came to collect the refund first show that you were going there, and his gang was very angry at the intrusion, they came down the stairs that 
our actors tried to be reasonable, but David doesn’t have it, things are getting dangerous mission accomplished, it’s time to get daVido out of his misery, ‘oh, don’t you touch me, you got it, yeah, you know.
Kizz  Daniel Prank!

Earlier in the day kizz Daniel calls our producer to say that he’d be late for his interview, kizz Daniel finally arrives and the crew pretend to be in a bad mood because he’s late.

kizz Daniel get comfortable by starting the show I’m shaking my camera I’m sorry this one next up Stephanie starts to exchange words with the producer a celebrity guest in there what’s the difference between, though are you ready I’ve been ready for three hours, okay but I know its my fault.

Children don’t know how to give themselves sense these days, surprised, the crew members were like… did our producer just call kizz Daniel a child?, and of course, it’s the only official countdown coming out of Nigeria we’ve got so much we’ve got bloggers print partners and of course, wait what oh I’m so tired and then my heart it was more like four hours like,

I don’t understand kizz Daniel starts to get uncomfortable as the argument escalates.

Dija Prank!

Maven princess dija is the target of today’s prank helping us with the prank is DiJa’s labelmate reekado banks. Dija has been called in for a meeting with her label mates but before the meeting starts Ricardo asks to speak to her privately Ricardo has decided to reveal to dija a secret her manager has been keeping from her according to him Don Jazzy wants diva to change her friend and start to wear more revealing clothes.

Just then DiJa’s manager walks in on them, I wasn’t very good?  only for Dija to forget the clothes, got angry and walked away. I tried convinced that the conversation was not serious, but her manager quickly reveals that we need to change up the look we understand that if you understand when you change up the look and all that stuff you know not really very serious.

People are saying that you’re covering too much you need to show up something, show something look at this job is showbiz, people decide we don’t need no Internet. Eventually, they decided to put Dija out of her misery

You can just trick a person with high blood pressure to put the person on the hospital bed because “you’ve been kidding.”
One more thing, look at someone you are pranking in the face and body language. Expressions say more than 1,000 characters. Learn to note when the person is uncomfortable. The person may not express his / her opinion, but please take note of nonverbal indications. If you go overboard this will let you know.
And learn to be jovial and carefree for the prankee. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Be fairly approachable. There is a saying that Fun heals. Take one step at a time, and live life in the best possible way.

Ps: Still asking about the girl? Okay, while almost out of breath, she briskly walked back home with trembling legs. She just stopped at her doorstep to check her balance using her mobile app, where she knew she was safe.

She had learned so much about boys yahoo-yahoo and she wasn’t ready to part with her remaining # 1500 just yet because that’s all she had for feeding till the end of the month. Do you blame her on that? With such a joke in the evening at an ATM booth who wouldn’t be afraid?
Ever been the frightening pranker or the scared prankee? Have you ever fallen for it? Tell us about it in the segment for Comments.

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