The New Ohaneze of Ndigbo Land Emerges

Ohaneze splits new ohaneze Ndigbo emerges.

A united ohaneze Ndigbo seems to have ended as new ohaneze Ndigbo emerges. A fashion of ohaneze Ndigbo and the ohaneze Ndigbo general Assembly has been registered Masi okechukwu is the president-general of ohaneze Ndigbo youth council worldwide, made a confirmation to new ohaneze Ndigbo.

He displayed a certificate of incorporation from the corporate affairs commission (CAC) those who register the new ohaneze Ndigbo are Kelly Nzipa, Ngbejiofor Eric posited Emma, Chimzoba Kingsley and others. According to the statement, a ohaneze Ndigbo had emerged and Apothic tendencies of former president general had ended.

His illegitimate reign of terror and recklessness, he ended up disgracefully like his brother ended up as former national chairman of PDP in 2011 nine years after he ended up the same way as they will always use their position to advance a failed 2019 presidential candidates glory had departed from the Ukehe political dynasty.

OYC will only support the legitimate and registered IBO organization, not any illegal one, any press release from the uninformed publicity secretary Chuck’s Ibebu and Ache opanka are invalid they are not speaking for Ibo’s the general public should be aware, Ndibo new dawn is here all right my goodness okay and as the news, we have right now they have they are showing us the certificate of registration in CAC.

The new ohaneze of ndigbo land emerges

New ohaneze Ndigbo General Assembly or something like that okay that’s the news we have right now for you is it not funny this is not funny, they said they are speaking the minds of the Ibos, tomorrow they will go for 2023 presidency and they now Lobby them just like the iron wire youth leader has been saying that would lobby the south-east and we will Lobby the south/southwest so that we remain as president and top officeholders you understand?

that’s what they want to do that these people have quickly run to register so that they can’t get the lobbying lonesome okay they said there are hundreds and the presidents ended up disgracefully well we’ve now read from the award because Iknow he’s gonna write oh they have divided themselves and they have fallen apart a house that divided itself will never stand that’s exactly what had happened – what has happened –

I said this yesterday just like as if I knew that they would, the fashion is coming off that these people are not ohaneze Ndigbo and they should please change name first and change leadership first of all and then they are not representing the Ibo’s

We cannot be dying and you are talking about 20-23 presidency which you know is an illusion so if you are talking about it you are not defending the IBO general, not representing them first of all everything has slid off your hands.

So you should look for your freedom that is the only way you can say you are defending the Ibos because Ipob has people they have gone far they’ve taken us to the world, and the world knows that Ipob is from the southeastern part of Nigeria we are Christians Domiciled here and there are persecutions going on this is what they have made the world to know they have been able to rename Nigeria a zoo.

Have you ever ever seen anything bad happen and you said it? even if you say it doesn’t have the weight it does. Let us all support iPob let us all take up our flag so that we know we are speaking our minds and the minds of our forthcoming generations they will be proud of us if we do.

If we really do and freedom comes yet then they’ll be proud of us if not oh for God, things may happen in Ibo land so it is better we make hay while the Sunshines if we don’t do it now, it’s already done if we don’t hit top tomorrow if you don’t speak with one mind, we might not like the outcome.

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