Functions Of English Language In Nigeria

Functions of english language in nigeria
Functions of english language in nigeria


What are the functions of English language in Nigeria?

Have you always wanted to learn a new language? you probably have your own reason for desiring to learn but there are tremendous benefits to being bilingual that you might not know about in this post, I’ll include a few of them here are some reasons why you should learn the English language

The official language in Nigeria is English. English is spoken all through the country of Nigeria, in families, schools, schools, colleges, chapels, mosques, I mean, wherever in Nigeria.

The English language remained the official language in Nigeria, and it is one language that has been generally utilized all through the nation. Since the English language is utilized in schools to give information, and also to proliferate instruction, it, hence, a mandatory subject in Nigerian schools, especially, at the essential and post-grade schools level. So one stop and think maybe, this can indeed, remained the significant capacity of the English language in the Nigerian culture.

Why Is English Language An Official Language In Nigeria?

Nigeria is the most populated nation in Africa and is comprised of various Tribe and ethnic units. English has been the accepted language in Nigeria, as this was the language of the colonial masters from Great Britain (United Kingdom), the English.

It is the official language for school, business, and occupation work. There are more than 200 languages spoken in the nation and accordingly, there must be an embraced language as a vehicle of correspondence. English is the official language of Nigeria and a portion of the functions of English Language in Nigeria are talked about beneath.

In the event that one can’t communicate in English smoothly, the person in question is viewed as an uneducated or half unskilled. A decent order of English is a component of value training with respect to Nigerians.

So your proof of being an informed individual is to have the option to communicate in English well overall, pronouncing the wordings distinctively. English in Nigerian schools is viewed as significant and obligatory to each understudy and understudy.


Number 1: You become smarter

Studies show that studying a new language improves your focus and memory it improves your decision-making you score higher on intelligence tests and you’re less likely to be swayed by propaganda

Number 2: you make more friends

This is because you get to interact with more people you can engage more people and make more friends this will help you get more chances like jobs.

Number 3: Find love

The more people you meet the more opportunities you have of finding that special someone

Number 4: Employment and Travel with ease

If you are soliciting for employment or even if you’retravelling, then English as a language is very helpful and what’s more? now if you are taking up a job that is related to tourism one or that includes too much of travelling or if you’re taking up a job with an airline or even in the film industry or with the media, where you’re supposed to travel too much, then English surely initiate that opportunity to go ahead and take up that job because if you can converse efficiently in English, then believe me you will also acquire that job and you will do great in that field.

Number 5: You’re more open-minded and feel more empathy

This is because a new language puts you in another cultures’ shoes when you can speak in another language you see the world the way the native speakers do in fact when some bilinguals switch from one language to another they also switch personalities and express themselves differently. For example, people tend to feel more immediate and self-assured when discoursing English and more refined when speaking Japanese, so this allows you to understand other worldviews and relate with people on a deeper level

Number 6: You delay the mental effects of ageing by four or five years.

Mastering another language sharpens your brain and increases the amount of grey matter which helps delay dementia.

Number 7: Entertainment

Now if you love to watch movies, if you are way too interested in TV soaps, in playing games or just being on Facebook, then it’s important for you to learn English because English is popularly used on the internet and of course, there are numerous movies and TV soaps which are English.

So for example, we watch American Idol, we watch Master Chef, then we also see so many movies. Well, they are all in English and they are indeed fabulous. Well it’s really an entertainment for us, right? So to understand this drama, to see these movies, games and surf on Facebook, you have to know English, right?

This brings me to the end of this lesson and to me, English is unquestionably one of the best languages to learn. so if you haven’t made your decision yet, then go ahead, please start speaking English because it’s gonna be extremely helpful for you and you will love it too.

Now, go and start reading English.

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