Is this love? OR Karma at Work?

Could this be love?
Could this be love?

I met my boyfriend (married tho) 3months ago and I must say since then we have been inseparable the love, care and attention I have never gotten from a single guy, of recent he has warned me not to call! him at odd hours cause of his wife of which I try to be understanding.

But it pains that am the one being kept in the dark so am thinking should I accept his proposal to be his wife (second) I don’t know what to do should I. Please I need ur advise on this. My identity should be hidden, please.

I just saved someone’s marriage

Could this be love?

Good morning Joro, Hide my identity please There was this fine guy I met in March this year, he is a very free, nice and funny person… I started falling for him, he asked me out and I really can’t tell the spirit that told me to ask him about his marital status And he didn’t lie, he told me he was married with two kids but that won’t change anything Can you imagine??

I was confused, devastated and heartbroken, he promised to take good care of me and give me all the attention I needed I was in between dating him and changing my phone (my phone has been giving issues lately), resuscitating my business that has fallen or reject his proposal with an empty pocket and a free mind

But I had to reject it for my own peace of mind… I can’t be a home breaker, I advised him to go fix his home and I backed out I know God will provide for me, breaking someone’s home shouldn’t be by means of breakthrough.

She: Hey mumy wish you a happy mothers day.. Thank you So much for giving birth to such a lovely son for me.. Wish we weren’t on lockdown would have come and spent the day with you .mayb prepare you a special mothers day meal 11:4′?

Mum: Thank you. But don’t forget you not married to my Son. So don’t claim him he is not yours yet. If you spend time with me who will spend time with your mum., spend time with your mum and leave me alone you not my daughter-in-law yet., don’t push too hard you might not even get married to my son., make that special meal for your mum… Nice day


Today my husband dressed up and said he was going out, I asked him where is he going? Oga said it’s not my business. I said he has to tell me today because he has been doing this going out thing since lockdown. Sometimes he will come home with different clothes self.

I have been looking at him Today I stood my ground Next thing Oga said was why am I forming saint that didn’t I sleep with married men as a student that why am I.

This is a relationship issue but I really don’t know if I want advice but I really need to clear my mind and my chest because it’s been so heavy of recent.
I recently found out my boyfriend restricted my comments on Instagram. Restriction meaning I can only see my comments but no one else can. At first, I thought it was it was a network issue my side, so I tried checking with someone else’s account, like 4 different Instagram accounts and my business page too and I couldn’t find my comments on his page.

But if I use my account to check the comments, I’ll see them. Since I found out about this, I’ve been feeling so different, having mood swings, getting angry necessarily and talking less these days. 0 Like why would he restrict me from his page? I also found out that he has been “running outside packages”. I prefer to call it outside packages because that’s the best way to describe it. Like how can you have a Girlfriend you claim you love and you’re in every girl’s DM requesting for meet up and hook up? Like how? He had an affair in the past, we talked about it, he apologized and promised not to do so again. Of which I believed him, but not completely.

Of recent, I got to find out that he has been sleeping with different Unilag girls, making out with some other girls, hanging out with them & he even treats them the way he treats me; Calls them the same names he calls me. When I started noticing some funny kinds of stuff, I would call him & talk to him about it but he would say they are just online friends and they don’t have anything doing but they keep calling him every time and he•would•refuse to pick up when I’m around.

They also call at odd hours too. A few days back, my phone fell and the screen cracked very badly. I was unable to type properly or even post on my business page. It got to a point I got frustrated and my boyfriend gave me his other phone to use.

What I planned on doing with the phone was to just type captions, forward it to my own WhatsApp in my phone, copy it & paste on my Instagram page that’s all. But I was unable to find the WhatsApp on the phone, I kept wondering that “why would he give me he phone to use then hide his WhatsApp when he knows what I want to use the phone to do” because I would need to type the Caption in his phone, forward it to my own WhatsApp in my phone & paste it because my screen is bad.

At last, I found the WhatsApp, did what I wanted to do & kept the phone where I saw it. I did this for two days straight without snooping around or checking stuffs. I got bored one day and I decided to use his phone that’s how I saw chats, messages etc.

I got to find out that he has been having several affairs outside, running different packages, making out with different girls, doing stuff I won’t even want to be done to my enemy. Yes, it’s that bad. I’m trying my best not to put everything out & also summarize because this is becoming different girls, doing stuff I won’t even want to be done to my enemy. Yes, it’s that bad. I’m trying my best not to put everything out & also summarize because this is becoming very lengthy.

He promised he has only had with just ONE  person while we are dating but from the looks of it, it’s not just 1, 3, 5 or 6 persons lol.. he has had with °different people that he doesn’t even know 0 who is who. I saw a picture on his phone, a naked girl on his bed, he claimed I’m setting him up lol.

That he doesn’t know the girl. But the girl was clearly lying down on the very bed that I chose its position to be, lying down on the exact beddings & duvet we bought, and the picture was on his camera, not Screenshots ohh.. But Camera which means it was taken from his phone. lol.

I also got to find out his friends knows about his external affairs and they would be calling me wifey lol.. These are people that I run to talk about my relationship troubles with their friend. And they would advice me and always say they Don’t know why he’s acting that way.

On one occasion, I was talking to his friend about the issues I was having with my Boyfriend and his reply was “If you can leave, can you leave?” I knew what that meant but I just kept quiet. Now everything sums up. I’m not angry anymore, I’m just a little bit sad but my only question is why would someone do such a thing to me?

I’ve never wronged him before, I’ve never had an external affair outside this relationship, i try to please him a lot sometimes displeasing myself lol, I try my very best to make him happy too, I don’t even have friends as he’s my only friend right now, I don’t even know how to reply when someone compliments me or “Chykes” me lol.. as he’s the only Guy I’ve dated for this long. These days I’m all about my business, my family and HIM.

He made me stop talking to most of my friends because he felt they were “Toxic” lol.. I also got to find out Stinks! te recently been liking all my photos, and she even bought something from me on my business page. Such disrespect lol.. You’re fucking my man and you’re coming to rub it on my face indirectly 0. I said I wasn’t angry earlier but as I typing this.

I’m pretty much angry and I’m so close to shedding tears. He’s nice, makes me laugh, We-vibe together, we play a lot, he’s my only friend right now, he spoils me & make me happy. But why would he do these to me? and whenever I confront him, he acts like I’m the one at fault and always gets angry for checking his phone.

In his words “I’ve told you to stop checking my phone, what you’re looking for, you’ll see it, why can’t you just be happy with the way things are instead of looking for stuff you are not supposed to see. Na you go use your hand kill your self’ lol.. That’s what he always say when I confront him about chats I see or whenever I suspect stuff.

I’m not angry anymore, I just feel better for opening up and releasing the heavy load on my chest. At least, I tried. I stayed faithful, I loved him, I spoke about him to my friends, Caitlin & cousins, all of them knows. I never for once cheated on him or flirt with other guys, I even travelled down before the lockdown to come see him & take care of him because he was terribly sick and he doesn’t know how to cook and he still did these.

He’s already making friends with a new girl on his street, flirting and calling her those names he calls me. I feel the only difference between Me and them is just the “Girlfriend title” because the way he treats me, is the way he treats them. The pet names he calls me, are the same names he calls them. The people he told me had cut off ties with, he’s still chatting & talking with them percent and still Babying them.

I’m not saying he shouldn’t have friends, but he should have friends and not keep it a secret. He should have friends and not be flicking them. He should have friends and not be TALKING TO THEM ABOUT ME & STILL BE NACKING THEM OR IN THE PROCESS TO.. Even when they know he’s dating and they keep saying NO to his offers.
Also, he never accepts he’s wrong even when it’s so obvious he’s wrong except there’s proof. When I confronted him last night about this, the WAY lying would make pros, I took screenshots Just Incase e deletes them. I showed it to him and he got angry, started shouting that I’m monitoring him lol..

How biko? he insulted me, called me names and said I shouldn’t talk to him again. I don’t feel a thing. Now I’m finally getting to believe the saying that “A cheat will always be a cheat” no matter how he garnishes his doings.
I’m fine though, I would have used Business to cover up and keep my self busy and my mind from straying too far & thinking too much lol.. but the business hasn’t been going fine due to the pandemic.

But I’m glad I’m alive, I’ll surely scale through. Y’all should continue Staying indoors & Staying Safe too. I can’t wait for thIs, then •

Have a nice day MY PEOPLE

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