Empowerment Through Education Scholarship Program by Wells Mountain Foundation 2018 – 2019

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Wells Mountain Foundation (WMF) is focused on education and through their WMF Empowerment Through Education (ETE) Scholarship Program have provided financial support for over 100 students.

In 2005 WMF funded one student in Ghana and in 2016, 103 students received funding.

ETE scholarship awards range in value from $300 to $3000 (approximately 93,000 to 930,000 Nigerian Naira) per annum, with the average scholarship value of $1400 (approximately 435,000 Nigerian Naira). Scholarships are awarded throughout the students undergraduate studies and can be used to cover tuition fees, accommodation, study books and materials.
The scholarships are intended for undergraduate students from developing countries to study in their country or neighboring countries.

Students will be required to volunteer for at least 100 hours each year to remain a WMF Scholar.


Any field, although the following fields will be favoured: Agriculture, Business, Community Development, Education, Engineering, Health Care, Health Sciences, IT, Law, Medicine, Social Work, Social Justice.


Please ensure that you meet these minimum entry criteria before applying:
  • From a country in the developing world (Nigeria is one of them)
  • Completed your secondary education with excellent academic results
  • Plan to study in your own country or another country in the developing world (find out which countries apply here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Developing_country)
  • Plan to work and reside in your country once you have graduated
  • Unable to fund your own studies without a scholarship
  • Volunteered in the past or willing to volunteer while studying under the WMF scholarship


There are 2 methods to apply:
1) Online at: https://app.wizehive.com/apps/WMF_ETE_2018
You will be required to create an account with a username and password.
Once you have registered your account, you can Login and proceed to fill in the required information and upload your supporting documents.
*Please ensure that your documents are in one of the following formats: jpg / png/ gid / pdf / doc / docx
If you are sending pdf documents, you must use version 10 or newer
2) Mail/ post:
Download the
Wells Mountain Foundation
25D Main Street, Bristol, Vermont 05443
*Download the application form at: http://www.wellsmountainfoundation.org/our-programs/scholarships/ete-application/
Please mail your application at least 3 weeks before the closing date to avoid any delays.
The following items must be included with your application:
  • Clear recent photo (of your head and shoulders)
  • Personal essay statement
  • Two essays (topics can be found on the application form)
  • Two recommendation letters (download and adhere to the ETE Scholarship Recommendation Letters Guidelines (pdf))
  • Secondary school official grades transcript
  • Secondary school official grading key (to be obtained from the school issuing the grades)
  • Tertiary studies official grades transcript (if applicable)
  • Tertiary studies official grading key (if applicable) (to be obtained from the school issuing the grades)
  • National exam official results
  • National exam official grading key (to be obtained from the government issuing the national exam)

Please note that the preferred method of application is the online portal as students are able to save their work and resume their application at any time. Apply online also means that your application will reach the Wells Mountain Foundation sooner.


1 April 2018.


For any queries, please contact:
Wells Mountain Foundation
Email: [email protected]
Empowerment Through Education Scholarship
Program Coordinator: Lisa Wyncoop
Email: [email protected]
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