7 Signs you’re in a great relationship

Being in love is one of the best feelings in the world which keeps the world running. Entering a
relationship filled with love is pretty special, but once the amorousness disappears, couples can
experience some difficulties. Having a quality relationship is not something you can achieve
overnight; you have to work on it every day. So, if you want to maintain a good relationship, you
have to know what the signs of one are. Due to that, I want to share with you signs that say you
are in a great relationship.
1.   You don’t want to change anything
When you are thinking about your relationship, you just love it. You don’t mind anything about it
and you don’t want to change one single thing in your relationship. Most unhappy couples hide
the fact that they aren’t satisfied with their partner. Now, that doesn’t mean you or your partner
are perfect. That means that you both have accepted each other with all your flaws and virtues.
Accepting each other is the right way to achieve the best relationship of your life.

2.   You can say what you mean
It doesn’t matter whether you are talking about something irrelevant or having a disagreement,
having the opportunity to speak your mind is very important. So what if you are fighting once in a
while? Every healthy relationship will encounter a disagreement because that means you can be
opened to each other. If you aren’t fighting or at least discussing that means that you don’t care
or you are afraid to speak your mind. Both things are equally bad for your relationship.
3.   You are a team
Every minute of the day your partner knows where you are and you know about him. When you
have something to decide, you are deciding it together. There is no room for secrets in healthy
relationships. When you are a couple you have to understand that you are a team and that means
you have to act accordingly.
4.   You have your own space
When you are with someone you love 24/7 that is the most amazing feeling in the world. But,
there is one better feeling and that is the moment you see your partner after few days. Allow
yourself to miss your partner once in a while. Hang out with your family and friends without him.
You had a life before him and you mustn’t forget your friends just because you are in a
relationship. That way you will grow; as a part of a couple and as an individual.
5.   You trust each other
Jealousy and mistrust are the worst enemies of every relationship and they both start with
secrets. Having a secret-free relationship will leave no room for jealousy in your life. If you can
both trust each other unconditionally, you are one step closer to having a great relationship.

6.   You are best friends
Having a best friend in your partner is something few people can relate to. That means that you
seek for comfort, love, affection, and advice in your partner and you know he won’t say anything
just to hurt you. He will be full of understanding and he will not judge you. If you have a problem
in your life, the first person you want to talk to should be your partner. That is what friendships
and relationships are all about.
7.   You are intimate
Sex is a part of every healthy relationship, but intimacy means more than just physical attraction.
That means that you both show affection to each other every moment of the day, not just in the
bedroom. Sometimes it is something simple as a hug or a kiss on the cheek and sometimes it is a
romantic gesture – roses with the note saying “I love you”.

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