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How to Create a blog, be a good blogger and Earn money from your blog



How to create a blog and make money online

One of the best way to make money online now is through Blogging

It is no longer news that people are becoming millionaires through blogging in Nigeria and all over the world. Gone are the days of doubt and disbelieve, now you can see it yourself that blogging is a serious business.

A serious blogging in Nigeria can give you over N5m monthly but there is difference between just having a BLOG and BLOGGING the right way.

However, beginner bloggers often do not get what it takes to start a blog and make it successful. Some think it’s about publishing a few posts on their blog and seating back for the money to roll in.
Others think it’s all about copying other
people’s posts or articles and posting them on their blogs. But, neither of these strategy works, no wonder the mortality rate of blogs is very high.

How to Start a Blog (How to Start blogging)

A guide on how to start blog and be a good blogger

Step 1: Choose what to Blog about (Identify The Right Blogging Niche)

One of the first decisions you make after deciding you want to start a blog is to figure out what you will blog about. Some new bloggers fall into the trap of writing about everything that comes to mind.
Yes, blogging is about sharing your thoughts, research and experience, but if you are interested in professional blogging that thought must be targeted at a clearly defined audience.
Remember that one of the goals of professional bloggers is to build a reputation. Certainly, you cannot build a reputation on everything. You need to build a reputation on something. This is why before you start a blog, you have to give a long hard thought on what you want to be blogging about.

Your blog should be about your interest and passion. It should be about a topic you are happy discussing. It should be about something you are passionate about. Passion is very important in blogging because it takes time and energy to build a reputation and make money from blogs and without passion you will certainly give up.

To discover your passion and interests you need to brainstorm. Ask yourself the following questions:

What topics do you regularly discuss about with your friends?

What are your hobbies?

The type of movies do you watch
What do you spend your money on?

The types of books and magazines you read?

What types of websites do you regularly visit?

When picking what to write about, it is very important to choose a niche with a sizable audience. Do not choose a niche that is so unique that you are virtually the only person interested in it.

Identify The Right Blogging Niche
Problem – If you are not blogging on the right niche, you can blog for 100 years without seeing a dime. I see plenty bloggers just following other successful bloggers and trying to recreate what they are doing with the hope of making it just like them. That is not how to blog.
A successful blogger is the one who is able to create a profitable niche for himself (probably different from what others are doing) and take it to the next level.
Solution – You must find out the right way to blog. I have explained step by step how to identify profitable niche that makes million. How to know if a niche is good for you or not.

Step 2: Choose a Blog Platform

A blog platform is an online software that enables you create and maintain a blog. A blogging platform offers you an easy to use interface for posting content to your blog. You can write, format, and edit your posts, as well as add photos and videos to your posts via your blogging platform.

The blog platform also creates an easy interface for customising the look and feel of your blogs. They also offer plug-ins and widgets for extending the functionality of your blog and making it more useful to your readers.

Although, you can switch your platform at anytime, getting it right the first time is very important. Switching blogging
platforms may require some technical skills. So, you should take your choice of a blog platform serious

Note that there are two types of WordPress: and I am recommending, the self-hosted version. is similar to Blogger and share some of its limitations.l You can also choose other blogging platforms like , Tumblr , and

Step 3: Develop A Professional Responsive Blog

I see a lot of blogs out there that may never grow beyond where they are currently. The reason is because those blogs are badly put together, they are neither professional nor responsive. Such blogs are just making up numbers of total blogs on the internet with no hope of making it big. Blog is liken to a building, a good building will have to be solid from foundation up if it hope to stand the test of time. When your blog is not solid from foundation, you risk wasting valuable times and resources for nothing.
Professional responsive blog is much more than just a blog. You need to understanding what make a pro blog. Get the full checklists of what and what must be in your blog in other to make it professional and profitable.

Step 4: Choose a Domain Name

The domain name of your blog is its central address on the internet, for example the domain name of this blog is .
A domain name is another little detail you need to get settled before you start a blog. Here are some tips on how to choose a domain name for your blog:
Choose short memorable domain names – Some of the best domains are short and memorable.
Add your keyword to your domain – If it is possible, add your major keyword to your domain name.
Consider future expansions – When choosing your domain name you need to consider the future expansion for your blog.
Use a popular TLD – Top Level Domains TLDs are letters that end a domain name eg. .com, .org, .net. .com is the most popular top level domain and should be your first choice. You can also try .org and .net in that order.
Avoid using other people’s brand names and registered names – Avoid using business brand names in your domain or registered brand names. This will ensure you do not run into legal trouble tomorrow.
In the same vein, your blog name should be as short as possible, memorable, and avoid using other people’s brand names or registered names.
You have chosen a domain name for your blog, but the domain name does not become yours until you actually register it. Besides the domain you have chosen may have been bought by another person. So, you need to check for availability first.
To register a domain name, you require the services of a domain name registrar. At the website of the domain name registrar you can check for the availability of the domain name you desire and if the domain name is available, you can buy it.
You may also decide to buy your domain name from your hosting company, which I will discuss in the next step. Similarly, you can also decide to host your blog with the domain name registrar.
There are a number of good domain name registrars out there. I use and for all my domain name registration.

5 Your Blog Content

Nobody wants to know your thoughts on how tech companies can tackle unemployment  —  ain’t nobody got time for that. Feed your.subscribers with more exciting micro-posts like which Nigerian celeb just got a boob job, how many dollar bills Davido can show off at a go, or photos of the new pair of shoes Wizkid bought in Dubai this morning. Don’tbforget that they don’t want too much story. Spoil them with photos and other freebies.
Speaking of photos, how you tag these
photographs is very essential. It doesn’t
matter if the celebrity posed for the photo or if you got it from Google Images, just make sure you tag the post “SPOTTED” (yes, in full caps). This is the unwritten code in the Nigerian blogger circle. Don’t say you didn’t get the memo.

If you don’t have ads yet, start creating space for them in faith. You want the space for ads to be no less than 50% of the entire span of your blog page. That’s 25% from the far left and 25% from the far right. That’s right, nobody gives half a sh*t about your content.

Your readers love nothing more than to
throw frequent glances at your engaging ads, for every line of actual blog content they read. More ads space also attracts more ad interests. Your money will start trickling in soon trust me

How to make money from blogging

What it takes to make money from Blogging When you decide to start a blog, it is usually about making money. However, for a blog to make money, two ingredients are required. The first is reputation and the second is blog traffic.

To start a blog and make it successful, you need to know how to build your blogging reputation.
You cannot build your blogging reputation by copying other peoples’ work, neither can you build reputation if you are blogging about everything. Your blog must be known for something.

This is why you must take my recommendation in step 1 about how niche blogging is the best way to start a blog seriously. It is easier to build a blogging reputation if you focus in a niche.
Can you define the purpose of your blog in one sentence? If you can’t, then your readers will find it hard categorising it. Building your blogging reputation simply means making it easy for your customers to associate your blog with your content.

So that whenever they think about your niche they think about your blog. For example, if you are blogging about shoes or fashion, having a good reputation means that people looking for shoes or fashion ideas will have your blog on top of their mind as well as recommend it to friends.
The truth is that it takes time and hard work to build a blog reputation. So you need to be passionate about your niche to pull through. It will also take time to make money.

To build a reputation you need to offer unique, relevant, keyword rich, and quality content. You should post something new on your blog every day (or three posts per week), to keep it fresh.
Differentiate yourself from other blogs in your niche. In addition, open social media pages (including Google+) for your blogs and engage with your fans actively.

Make it easy for your readers to engage with you by providing feed subscriptions, social networking shares buttons and like buttons. Building a blogging reputation takes time and hard work, but gradually one day at a time your blog will eventually get there.

As for the second part, which is building traffic, it goes simultaneously with building a blogging reputation. Good content is the greatest asset to invest in when you start a blog. Having unique, well researched, and well written content on your blog will keep readers coming back for more.

Search engines should be top on your traffic building strategy when you start a blog. This is because most people use search engines when looking for information on the internet. So, you need to learn latest SEO strategies and implement them on your blogs. Do not also forget other traffic sources like social media, feeds, blog directories, email lists, etc.

Once you have a reasonable traffic and reputation for your blogs making money becomes easy. You can place your ads on your blogs, sell directly to your visitors, or use advertising networks like Adsense and you will see good results.
So, for beginner bloggers planning to start a blog, my recommendations are simple. Learn how to build reputation and traffic first and keep making money for later. Even if you place

1 million ads on a blog with little traffic, it will make nothing or very little. So, now you know the secret of how to start a blog and make money.

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How to Make Money Online Selling Advertising Space on your Website or Blog




In this guide, I’ll show you how to make money online by selling advertising space on your blog or website.

There are so many ways you can make money online from your blog. One of it is from advertising for other businesses.
What is an advertising space?

An advertising space is a strategic location on your blog or website that you dedicate for advertisements. This could be in any of these locations;

(1) at the sidebar of your blog
(2) Above the fold
(3) below the fold
(4) header or
(5) footer (6) in content.

Again, the ads may be in the form of (1) banner ads or (2) link ads.

What you need to start selling advertising space

Before you even think of making money by selling advertising space you must have the following:
1. A blog or website (with at least 1,000 unique visitors daily). If you don;t have a blog yet,

2. A good email and a smartphone

3. Bank account that you will use to receive your advertising payment.

Start Selling Advertising Space on your Blog or Website

1. Setup an advertising page
Create a landing page for your potential advertisers. This is a page where you tell your potential advertisers about your audience and its potentials. Here are important things you must have on your advertising page:
(1) welcome message
(2) Blog or website traffic (daily visitors). Make sure you display Google analytic report and be ready to share same with your potential advertisers if they need it.
(3) Audience interest
(4) Who should advertise
(5) Benefits of advertising on your blog or website
(6) Locations of advertising space and their benefits
(7) Cost of advertising for each advertising space (using a currency of your target advertisers). Make sure you don’t charge too much. Start small and grow up gently. Many bloggers and website owners drive away potential advertisers by inflating their advert rates.
(8) Your contacts
(9) Payment procedure (and return policy if any)
(10) Feedback procedure: this is what you’ll do after the payment is made.

Caution: Please be honest about the information you present about your blog or website. That is, do not tell the potential advertisers that you have 10,000 unique visitors daily when you don’t even have 1,000.

2. Find Advertisers.
Make a name-list of your potential advertisers.

I will suggest you list of 1,000 potential advertisers on your website.
Make sure you study your audience very well and be sure it will be okay for your potential advertiser.

Also, study your audience’s interest so that you can make a proper presentation to your potential advertisers.

3. Make contact
Begin to contact your potential advertisers one by one through email or phone call. Be polite when presenting yourself and your business.

See a typical example of a good email you can send your potential advertisers…

Hello ABC,
I represent (— blog or website name —) and I’m writing to offer you cheap advertising on my blog/website.
I understand stand that you manage a private university and my blog/website will be your best place to get potential candidates.
My blog or website is about school news targeting secondary school leavers who are eager to enroll into tertiary institutions. Luckily, I have up to 3,000 unique readers daily.
Since they always find information about admissions, I believe many will like to enroll in your school.
The advantage of advertising with us that its affordable and promising.
Kindly send me your school info to get started. Please visit our advert page for details.

After this, pray for positive response while you contact another potential advertisers.
I’m very sure that that if you contact 1,000 potential advertisers, 10 out of that will respond positively and that’s the beginning of business.
Selling advertising space is one of the best ways to make money from your blog or website.
What do you think?

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Make $130 AdSense Profit Per Day From Copy/Paste Entertainment News Blog




Do you know that you can make $130 AdSense profit per day from copy/paste entertainment news blog?

I know this sounds too good to be true.
That’s what I said when I found out this trick at first…

Sure, maybe because you already have entertainment news blog but don’t know how to make money from it. Or maybe you are wondering how you can create one and monetize it.

Don’t worry… at the end of this lesson, you will learn how to make $130 AdSense profit per day from copy/paste entertainment news blog.

You may think this is a joke…
But it’s real. Just like Linda Ikeji, you can make a whooping $130 profit (or more) from just a copy/paste entertainment news blog here in Nigeria.

This lesson will be as brief as possible so that you can get the full gist and apply it immediately.

Why Choose Entertainment News Blogs for this?

You will agree with me that people like entertainment news a lot. In fact, about 70% of internet users in Nigeria browse through entertainment, celebrity, or gossips everyday.
Entertainment news bring tons of web traffic to many entertainment blogs such as Linda Ikeji’s Blog, Bellanaija, Pulse and so on…
The web traffic in entertainment niche is so huge that even a new smart bloggers can still make enough money to spark a smile.
So, read on to discover how you can make use of this trending niche to improve your wallet

Let’s start…
How to Make $130 AdSense Profit Per Day From Copy/Paste Entertainment News Blog
What you will Need:

(1) An AdSense Account:
You need a fully functional adsense account. I have written a comprehensive lesson on
how to get adsense approval on a new blog. That guide was tested okay before publishing.

(2) A New entertainment blog:
You need a new entertainment blog on wordpress self host or blogger
Please choose a domain that is very short and easy to memorize.

I can help you set up a blog of any niche, teach you everything you need to know about blogging and guide you till you make your first 100usd for just 12,000 only

(3) A working ATM card to run advertisement on Facebook and Youtube

That’s all you need

Now do the following…
(1) Visit top entertainment new websites and blogs. Also visit top social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Intagram etc and find news, pictures or videos are are very funny.

(2) Publish them on your blog with a hacking headlines that will encourage clicks.

(3) Create a Facebook Page for your entertainment blog

(4) Now publish your post feed with the post pictures on Facebook boost the post (advertise on Facebook).
Boost up to 6 post at $5 each in a day. Before now, you might inserted your AdSense code on strategic positions on your entertainment blog so that people will like to click it (but don’t encourage clicks).
In your Facebook Ads manager, choose US as your target audience . This is because their cost per click is higher than any other target and they like entertainment so much.
Also, choose “entertainment” as their interest and boost the post. Now,
anybody who likes entertainment gist will likely see the advertisement .
Make sure you monitor the ads when it starts rendering to be sure that is converts .
Watch out, any ads campaign that is rendering at $0.009 below is a good ads. All you need to do at this point is to duplicate this ads campaigning for other ads.
Caution: Disable any campaign that is rendering at a high cost per engagement.
Boost like 6 post with a budget of $40-$60 per day for maximum reach.
If you are very smart at targeting, you will end up spending like $50 per day while you will have a huge traffic than can generate over $200 from AdSense.
When you subtract this amount you use for Facebook Ads from the amount you make from Google AdSense, You will realize that you have made over $130 per day.

This is how smart guys make money from AdSense with entertainment blogs. So, you can try it. Sure it will work.

Disclaimer: Please note that results from all online business efforts are unique. Your results will vary widely.
The contents in this post is for information purposes only.

It’s quite simple, you don’t write articles… All you need is to be smart and play by the rules.
If you have any question, ask in the comments section.

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Top Profitable Niches For Blogging In Nigeria




See the Top 10 Profitable Niches For Blogging In Nigeria and chose from the one you are passionate about. Blogging has become a profitable business in Nigeria. This explains why many Nigerian web gurus are going into blogging business.
But as an intending (new) blogger, you have to make a decision whether to go into lifestyle blogging or niche blogging. A niche blog is one which focuses on one aspect of life.

All articles and discussions on the blog concentrate on this area of human endeavour. Before going into blogging, you must try to find out what your intending readers will like to read because if your blogging does not focus on their area of interest, your blog will so boring and will not attract reasonable volume of traffic.
There are many profitable niches for blogging in Nigeria and this piece will open our eyes to top 10 profitable niches for blogging in Nigeria.

Number 10: Technology.
This comes at number 10 of my top 10 profitable niches for blogging in Nigeria. It is not uncommon these days to see columns in newspapers dedicated for technology.
Technology comes in the form of autos (cars), mobile phones, computers and its accessories, and other technology gadgets.
Technology focused niches are profitable in Nigeria but that area seems untapped because they seem to attract only the male folks.
Ladies naturally like mobile phones and as a matter of fact they are the ones behind the popularity of BlackBerry phones in Nigeria.
Therefore, technology niches are profitable niches for blogging in Nigeria but anyone going to technology should be willing to read a lot of foreign articles and do a lot of research because technology keeps evolving.

Number 9: Food
This is another important niche for blogging in Nigeria and comes in at top 9 on the list. Speaking of food, food related niches can discuss classes of food, how special delicacies are made, etc.
A Nigerian food related blog can discuss in details all that you have to do while cooking soup – Egusi, Orha, Efo, Uziza, Afang, etc. It can also discuss the procedures to making these special delicacies.
This kind of blog will be popular with ladies and have restaurants and hotels paying to do advert on it. This is an untapped potential in blogging as most Nigerian housewives spend a lot of money enrolling in catering schools just for the purpose of learning how to cook.

Number 8: Health
This is a delicate part of writing which most people are interested in. Good knowledge of your health could mean there will be a possibility that you might just live longer and healthier, thus reducing frequent visits to hospitals at old age.
In most national dailies, there is always a dedicated column for health. This underscores the importance of healthy living in our everyday lives.
It is often said that a healthy man is a wealthy man; perhaps this explains why Nigerians take their lives seriously. Such blogs discuss diseases and their cures, modern research in medicine, and general opinions/views and challenges of medical practitioners in Nigeria.

Number 7: Fashion
Most Nigerian youths are crazy about fashion and modelling as they have now become a norm especially amongst the youths.
It is not uncommon to see a magazine discussing just fashion – what’s in vogue? Every Nigerian girl wants to be a fashion model, and to achieve this they read magazines that discuss fashion – what to wear to impress, how to wear it, what to wear it with and where to wear it to.
These are issues fashion fully discusses, and fashion comes in at number 7 on the top 10 profitable niches for blogging in Nigeria.

Number 6: Education
It is very common to see many blogs discuss best high institution ratings in Nigeria, how to register and download buy/past questions for admission into schools in Nigeria – this is why it is a major talking point that catches the attention of many Nigerians. So, education related niche rated among the top 10 profitable niches for blogging in Nigeria.

Number 5: Sports
Most Nigerian youths really love sports especially football. Sport related niche is a blog that discusses all issues in football, sprint, basket ball, wrestling, boxing and other sporting related activities. A common trend among Nigerian youths now is online sport betting. This is a good example of how sport is taking over everything Nigerians do with their money. So, sport is very important in people’s everyday lives, and sport comes top at number 5 at top 10 profitable niches for blogging in Nigeria.

Number 4: Entertainment
Latest Hollywood,Ghollywood,Bollywood and Nollywood films seem to impress a lot of Nigerians.
Gist about sizzling romance between celebrities always catches the attention of many Nigerian youths. Celebrity hook up, break up, hang out, and Gossips, award nights, top 10 Nigerian films and music, etc are important subjects that catch the attention of many Nigerians especially the youths. Entertainment comes in at number 4 on the list.
Yes, who wouldn’t like to hear who Davido is dating now?

Number 3: Politics
It is obvious that many people are coming alive to their environment unlike in the past when people hardly had time for politics.
During election campaigns, many Nigerians tend to keep up to date with events in political news via blogs.
Some blogs are designed specially to discuss the policies of government and they always have high traffic of visitors because of high interests of many Nigerians.
Many Nigerians seek to know more about about government policies which determine who they vote for in future elections.
Therefore, blogs that are designed to discuss all political happenings tend generate high traffic, and it comes in number 3.

Number 2: Relationship
Emotional matters matter to many people.
It is not uncommon to see many bloggers write about how to win the heart of a girl, how to impress your Prince Charming, how to seduce a girl, sex related issues, meeting new girlfriends and boyfriends (hook-ups), how to mend broken homes and hearts, how to win the heart of girl who had a bad breakup, etc.
These are very popular issues which most Nigerian blogs discuss and they tend to generate heavy traffic. Some blogs are designed to allow registered members hook up and start dating.
This could be in form of blind dates as well. Relationship focused niches come in at Number 2 of top 10 profitable niches for blogging in Nigeria.

Number 1: Vacancy/Career
This is the most profitable niche for blogging in Nigeria today because it focuses on how to build a career in areas of human endeavour.
They also advertise new job openings and the links through which to apply for them, how to prepare for an interview, how to impress interview panel, how to structure a good CV, how to boost your employability chances and how to create opportunities for yourself and for others.

This niche seems very profitable because of high rate of unemployment in Nigeria. Statistics has it that about 40 million Nigerians are unemployed, so to think that a quarter of these people are online on one blog or another trying to access the available white-collar jobs explains why vacancy related career niche generates high traffic.

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