IJMB Literature in English Texts 2017-2019

IJMB Literature in English Texts 2017-2019 

The Literature in English Primary Texts has been reviewed. Teaching of the reviewed. Teaching of the reviewed texts would commence from 2017 to end 2019 and the will Be examined from 2018. Find below the list of the reviewed Texts for you to forward to your students

1 Paper I (Drama)

(a) Non-African
  1. Julius Caesers by William shakespeare
2. She Stoops to Counquer by Oliver Goldsmith
3. Death Of A Salesman by Arthur Miller

(b) African
1.  Who Is Afraid Of Tai Solarin? by Femi Osofisan
2. Trial Of Dedan Kimathi by Ngugi Wa Thiongo
3. Fate of a Cockroach by Taefik Al Hakim

2 Paper II (Prose)
(a) 1. Robinson Crusoe by Robinson Crusoe 
    2. Silas Marner by Geoge Eliot
    3.  Sons and Lovers by D.H. Lawrence 

(B) African
1.  Mine Boy by Per Abraham
2. A Grain Of Wheat by Ngugi Wa Thiongo
3. Half Of A Yellow Sun  by Adichie Chimamanda

3 Paper III (Poetry)
Selected Poems of Samuel Colerigde
1. Kubla Khan
2. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
3. Christabell
4. Dejection: An Ode
5. The Nightingale
6. Frost at Night
7. Pain of Sleep
8. To Nature
9. To William Wordsworth
10. Work Without Hope

Selected Poems of  Hughes: Crow
1. Apple Tragedy
2. Crow’s Theology
3. Crow Blacker than Ever
4. Crows Account of Battle
5. Crow’s First Lesson
6. Crow’s Vanity

Selected Poems of Nicolas Guillen: Man-Making Woods
1. What Colour
2. Mau-Maus
3. Soviet Union
4. I came on a Slaveship
5. Ballad of the Two Grandfathers
6. Elegy For Jesus Menendez 
7. Chinese Song in Two Voices
8. Ezecution
9. Song of Wang-Tse Yu

(b) African
Selected Poem Of Sipho Sempamla: Soweto I Love You

1. Soweto
2. I saw this Morning
3. A child Dies
4. Tell Me News
5. How A Brother Died
6. When I Lost Some Life
7. The Exile
8. On Fear
9. Bullet
10. Lover’s Diary

Selected Poems of Sonne Dipoko: Black and White
1. Black and White in Love
2. A Poem of Villeneuve St. George
3. On God
4. To my Mother
5. Another Child
6. My People
7. Pain

Selected Poems of J.P Clark: A Reed In The Tide

1. Flight Across Africa
2. Emergency Commission
3. The Leader
4. Who Bade the Waves
5. Cuba Confrontation
6. Three Moods of Pricetion
7. Las Pasma
8. Service
9. His Excellency, The Masquerader
10. Olokun
11. Abiku

Thank You
Yours Faithfully

Dr Haruna Aminu
Coordinator, IJMB

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