Rainy Season Love Song

Rainy Season Love Song

Analysis of Rainy Season Love Song by Acquah Laluah

Out of the tense awed darkness my Frangipani comes
While the blades of Heaven flash round her and the roll of thunder drums
My young heart leaps and dances with exquisite joy and pain
As storm within and storm without I meet my love in the rain

The rain is in love with you darling: ’tis kissing you everywhere
Rain pattering o’er your small brown feet rain in your curly hair
Rain in the vale that your twin breasts make as in delicate mounds they rise
I hope there is rain in your heart Frangipani as rain half fills your eyes

Into my arms she cometh and the lightning of my desire
Flashes and leaps about her more subtle than Heaven’s fire.
“The lightning’s in love with you darling it is loving you so much
That its electricity pulses in you wherever I may touch.

When I kiss your lips and your eyes and your hands like twin flowers apart
I know there is lightning Frangipani deep in the depths of your heart.”
Thunder rumbles about us and I feel its triumphant note
As your warm arms steal about me and I kiss your dusky throat.

“The thunder’s in love with you darling it hides its power in your breast
And I feel it stealing o’er me as I lie in your arms at rest
I sometimes wonder beloved when I drink from life’s proffered bowl
Whether there’s thunder hidden in the innermost parts of your soul.”

Out of my arms she stealeth and I am left with the night
Void of all sounds save peace the first faint glimmer of light.
Into the quiet hushed stillness my Frangipani goes
Is there peace within like the peace without? Only the darkness knows.
©copyright:- Acquah Laluah (Gladys Casely-Hayford)

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