Poetic Devices Employed In Gabriel Okara’s Piano And Drums

  Piano And Drums

 Poetic Devices Employed In Gabriel Okara’s Piano And Drums

To answer the above question, we’ll choose symbolism, personification and alliteration as our desired three poetic devices from Gabriel Okara’s poem “Piano And Drums”

#1) Symbolism which is the representation of a concept through symbols or underlying meanings of objects or qualities, appears in the poem from the title down to the context. “Drums” symbolizes Okara’s past uncivilized ways of life while “Piano” symbolizes the poet’s present and future existence in a westernized world. His symbolisms are further broadened with related musical dictions.

#2) There are instances of personifications in the poem where inanimates are given human attributes. In line 15 (groping heart/ in green leaves) actually, line 15 can also be named a synedoche. In line 4-5 “speaking of/ primalyouth and the beginning” which gives human quality to the drums. In line 17-18, the poet also personified the piano “piano/ solo speaking of complex ways”

#3) Alliterations in the poem are “the panther ready to pounce” in line 6, “leopard snarling about to leap” in line 7, “turn torrent” in line 9, “solo speaking” in line 18.

In brief, few other poetic devices are Simile in line 4 “like bleeding flesh” Assonance in line 3 “mystic rhythm” Imageries, etc.

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