Types or forms of drama

Types or Forms of Drama





Tragedy ~

This is a type of drama whose atmosphere is often serious and tensed with an unhappy ending often involving death. In tragedy, the protagonist who is often a highly place personalty, is entangled in a conflict or strugle which leads to his ruin or disappointment, The most important feature of tragedy is the sadness or deep feelings which the play is able to evoke and purge us of our emotion


Comedy can be define as a dramatic work that is light and humorous or satirica in tone, a amusing play with happy ending. The main feature of comedy is humour and the main types of comedy are farce, burlesque and satire.


Tragi-comedy is a play that combine both the element of comedy and tragedy, it has a serious tone and series of tense moments but events in play end on a note of relief.

Domestic Tragedy

This is another type of tragedy. It retains all the basic elements of tragedy but differs in its setting and characterization. In this form of tragedy the main character are middleclass people and their downfall take place within a family relationship, In the classical form of tragedy as discussed earlier, the characters are great personalities like kings, generals and princes whereas in a domestic tragedy, the characters are ordinary folk


This is a form of drama with fast moving action and funny little things. It has stock characters whose action lead them to brink of disaster, but they never really get into disaster. Farce is also a light-hearted play which which end on a happy note for everybody


This is another light-hearted play that highlights suspense and romantic sentiment, with characters who are usually either clearly good or clearly bad. In other to create excitement sensation and shock in the audience belief is downplayed. This form of drama often use music to underscore or heighten the emotion tone of a scene

History Play

History is also know as chronicle play, It can be define as a type of drama based on historical records.


This is the type of drama deal with controversial social issues in a realistic manner, it expose social ills, and stimulate thought and discussion.
One of the features of thesis is that it deals with problematic social issues through debates between characters on stage, This is also know as problem play

Realistic Drama

This is a play with attempts to retain, presents and maintain a notion of an actual everyday existence in content and presentation

Closet Drama

This term refers to a literary which takes the form of a play, but is not meant to be performed on stage. A closet drama is meant to be studied privately in a closet


Monodrama can be define as the dramatic action or speech rendered by only one character who enacts the presence of othe characters evev as they are not there. Monodrama is also know as Monologue

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