The theme of love in othello by Shakespeare

Love: Love triumphs in Othello, but it’s a bitter victory. Desdemona never stops loving her husband, even when he accuses her of cheating on him, slaps her in public, calls her a whore, and strangles her to death. With her last breath, Desdemona chooses to blame herself for her death rather than implicate Othello. The strength of her love is particularly impressive, as it proves impervious to the machinations of Iago, the play’s villain. Iago does not believe in love; he reduces it in his mind to dirty desire. While his scheming destroys the central couple’s marriage and lives, what he cannot destroy is their love. The role of love in the play is further complicated by Othello’s debatable claim that he loved “not wisely, but too well.” In this line, Othello reminds us that the passion of love outdoes the reason of logic.

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