Role and analysis of ochuole in harvest of corruption

Character Analysis and Role of OCHUOLE In Harvest of Corruption

ochuole is of average height who likes to wear “a tight mini skirt with an equally dark red designer shoes” (p. 1. She is said to be “gregarious… described by her friends as an extrovert” (p. l). Ochuole is free-willed, a bit on the talkative side. Her idea of a city is where “oranges” beg for plucking as soon as “they are ripe” (p. 2). By implication that is just what she has been doing sinee,arriving Jabu, the capital of Jacassa. Her “heydays in the university” (p. 2), to use the words of Aloho, were remarkable for what they were. Aloho was to tell ogeyi about Ochuole when she describes the latter as “that girl who was almost making herself a nuisance on the campus” (p. 8). She had been “that girl who caused a lecturer’s suspension for leaking examination papers” (p. 8) Because ochuole’s thinking is always centred on plucking “oranges” when she notices “they.are ripe”, she has no time for “born-again stuff” (p. 3). She urges Aloho to spare her “anot of your crusade sermons She is one made to eat her cake “and still have it’ (p. 3) She is open and clear her friend who arrives the city of Jabu still with traces morality, ochuol advises Aloho: “All you have to do is open your eyes wide not to look at Aso or Zuma rock o” (p. 4)
Ochuole promises Aloho a job and delivers it to her. She promises to “put a word for you (Aloho) to my Minister” because she is very sure “he will not say no” (p. 5)

. She is the Minister’s mistress, his confidante, business partner and corrupt outlet. Ochuole is the most influential person in Chief’s life who could easily extract money at will from him, and a
been notice too. Although Aloho’s designation at work is Protocol Officer, she has simply been employed to be a drug carrier. “My duty”, Ochuole informs Madam Hoha “is to convince
(Aloho) to play ball with him (Chief and then the usual commission keeps rolling inWhen she speaks to Chief on Aloho’s need for a job, it is like a directive rather than a request “I have assured her that you will employ her” (p. 17)

Ochuole is an astute manipulator. Apart from manipulating Chiefto do her bidding, she subjects Aloho to do her own will. Such is the high-voltage manipulation over Aloho that the latter in tears narrates her ordeal to Ogeyi in these words: “Ogeyi, what pains me most is that in all this drama, I am not even given a chance to choose my own role to play” (p. 58). Almost as Aloho is given the new job, she is quickly asked to travel to the United States with an ill-fated suitcase. The newly employed is astonished and in a protesting voice asks her: “You never mentioned any trip to USA as part of my job. What is all this about?” Ochuole responds: “You wanted a job and here is
one” (p. 41). She cajoles Aloho with “Come on cheer up, now you
have it don’t lose it” (p. 4). She reveals to Ogeyi later that she was “even lured into having affair with Chief (p. 58) probably by Ochuole which is why “the very memory ofochuole o the Chief gives me the nightmare” (p. 59)

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