Full list of Characters in Last Days in Forcados High School with details

1. Jimi Solade:
He is the main character in the novel. He is intelligent and very good in sports. He is also the health prefect, athletic club captain and best footballer. He won prizes such as the
best Chemistry student and the best athlete.
He is a member of Tiger house. He won the 100m race and also won a scholarship to study Electrical Engineering.

2. Wole Solade:
He is the brother of Jimi Solade. He behaved in a very bad manner. He engaged in the sale and use of hard drugs. His father disliked him because of his bad behavior. He dropped out of school because of his bad behaviour. He
broke into the school laboratory and stole the new microscope and other stuff.

3. Mrs Solade:
A soft spoken woman and mother of Jimi, Wole and Femi Solade. She died of ovarian cancer. She took side with Wole when her husband made bad remarks about him.

4. Mr Solade:
Father of Femi, Wole and Jimi.

5. Efua Coker:
A tall, slender girl with large eyes and long eyelashes and a masculine voice. She went further to study medicine. She
was a member of a group EGG whose aim was to cater for women and children.
Her classmates nicknamed her ‘’The Witch’’. Jimi Solade nicknamed her ‘’baby doll’’. She was a close friend of Miss Agbenenovi; a youth corper posted to Forcados High School.
She wrote a controversial letter to Miss Novi. She stood up for Jimi when everyone taught he masterminded the stealing of the new microscope and other stuff. She was expelled from St. Catherine’s.

6. Nene Ekpo:
A plump girl with short plaits and a round gentle face. A good friend of Jimi, Ansa and Efua. She leaked Efua’s controversial letter to Jimi. Her father was a pastor. Her youngest brother attended Mother’s Joy Nursery School. She was the singing lead in the cultural dance drama “oluronbi”. She went further to study Accountancy.

7. Ansa:
A good friend of Jimi and Nene. He likes painting and shared
this interest with Efua. He desired to study Architecture. He accommodated Jimi when Wole invited his bad mannered
friends to Mr Solade home. He was not happy at the end of first term because he failed his exams and dreaded what his mother would say. He went further to study Architecture.

8. Mr Mallum:
A small, wiry man with an odd accent. He is the principal of Forcados High School.

9. Jolly Stephen:
A big boy, an arts student. He liked wearing chains on his trousers and trainers instead of sandals. He made photocopies of a letter Efua wrote to Miss Novi.

10. Seyi Lawal:
He is the Head Boy of Forcados High School.

11. Risikat:
Mrs Solade housemaid. She informed Jimi that his mum fainted.

12. Mama Silifat:
She sold puff-puff and akara outside the school. She was fond of Jimi and called him Akinjimi and omo mi.

13. The Rhymers:
A group of five boys. They composed Hip-Hop music.

14. Mr Izaegbegbe:
He is Ansa’s father.

15. Icheen Igbo:
He took the second position in the 100m race.

16. Femi Solade:
The eldest brother of Jimi Solade.

17. Mr Edet:
He taught Chemistry at Forcados High School.

18. Samu:
He owned an ice cream bar.

19. Teacher Bade:
The students nicknamed him “cane”.

20. Miss Coker:
The music teacher at Forcados High School.

21. Mrs Alli:
Efua’s aunt.

22. Ada:
The Head Girl at Forcados High School.

23. Mrs Tanimoro:
The guidance counsellor at Forcados High School.

24. A.H. Mohammed:
The author of the novel “The last Days at Forcados High School’’.

25. Joke:
A close friend of Efua Coker. She informed Efua of the gossip student made over her relationship with Miss. Novi. She also
helped Efua to pick her books when Caro bumped on her.

26. Caro:
The Queen –Bee and Jimi’s girlfriend .

27. Mr Vann:
He taught Physics at Forcados High School.

28. Mrs Obange:
The principal of St. Catherine’s.

29. Mr Salami:
The English Language teacher at Forcados High School.

30. Miss Agbenenovi:
The youth corper posted to Forcados High School. She filled in for Mt Salami.

31. Jide:
The smallest boy in the class. He danced with Efua during the Mid-term Dinner. St. Catherine’s: The School Efua Coker was expelled from. Oluronbi: The cultural dance drama held at Forcados High School. Mother’s Joy Nursery School: The school Nene Ekpo youngest brother attended.

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